The RN (ex-FN) can be embodied, for a national election, by another person by one or a Pen ? Yes, the evidence with Jordan Bardella…

[updated 4 April 2019 at 18: 15] some observers are concerned : but that was therefore, made to the party of Marine Le Pen to the transformation of the national Front and national Rally ? Clearly, the willingness to be open to alliances, be present now as a party of government, has not borne fruit ; even the DLF of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan dismissed the outstretched hand for a merged list to the european… it is clear that the party line has not, frankly, evolved, if not on a plan : the abandonment of the fight for the exit from the euro and even the EU, that Marine Le Pen now wants to transform from the inside with the nationalist forces of other member States.

This is obviously a long project for Marine Le Pen, who wants to change the image of extremism of his political formation, incarnating the sovereignty of populism that has become a real political force in Italy and in several countries of central Europe, while maintaining its fundamental ideological, historical markers. And if we can’t move the walls to force the change, then why not put in front of new faces ? Marine Le Pen has finished by playing the card of renewal, choosing as head of list for the european elections the very young Jordan Bardella, 23 years old. All in all, it is the best solution for the former candidate to the presidential election, that did not place themselves in a position eligible for the european election : the young man carries the campaign but is far too young and far too little known by the public for her to make the shadow. The person who runs this campaign, who holds the strings, and that slice, which act the highlights, the one that decides the language elements and positions to adopt to comment on such-and-such news is always the same : Marine Le Pen.

Jordan Bardella has everything to gain

Choose Jordan Bardella, it is also for Marine Le Pen put forward a new generation, show that the party, far from stagnate, opens up and trusts his youth activist. “This is a tough kid that has been proven in the national Gathering. It is imposed on the trays. This is an example of meritocracy,” at the Point the a close advisor to Marine Le Pen, Philippe Olivier. Another member of the entourage of the leader of the RN sees it as a way to place his pawns to the future : “His selection allows Marine ringardiser Marion Maréchal”, said, as well as a “lieutenant frontiste” to the weekly.

Difficult, however, to imagine that the head of the list RN of the european to be fooled. But what does he have to lose ? Jordan Bardella will be the youngest mep of the history of the european Parliament. The campaign allows him to multiply interventions at the tv, to show its proximity with the large head, to demonstrate his loyalty. For one who was previously spokesperson for the national Gathering and president of Generation nation – the new name of the national Front of youth, it is a springboard unexpected to establish himself as a key figure of the party. This geography student continues his progression at the speed of light : to be elected in Seine-Saint-Denis to the previous regional, he had been invested with the legislative, without success. Regardless of the outcome of the european, the future of the future mep RN is now a path : a seat to Strasbourg and a place of choice, for a long time, alongside Marine Le Pen.

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