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French Tech: Oussama Ammar’s very expensive training to become “VIP”


This Tuesday evening, 70,000 Internet users connect to an online conference, says Le Parisien. Objective: to learn to “become an entrepreneur”, to “be able to live in a magnificent villa, drive luxury cars” and afford “brand clothes”. In short, “to be VIP”, thanks to the advice of Oussama Ammar.

On screen, Oussama Ammar gives the keys to starting a “business”. He’s not a stranger. Oussama Ammar is a fallen French Tech guru, who has been unleashing social media in recent weeks. In sequences that have gone viral, he boasts about his alleged poker games against the yakuza leader or his ability to seduce “fantastic girls” with the snap of his fingers. By multiplying the bluster, he becomes for many the incarnation of the “mytho”.

His CV is not reassuring. This 36-year-old Franco-Lebanese is suspected of having dipped into the coffers of several companies. In 2018, the Nanterre Criminal Court (Hauts-de-Seine) sentenced him to four months in prison suspended for forgery and use of forgery. His two partners from the incubator The Family then accuse him of having embezzled 4.5 million euros to, in particular, invest in the sumptuous hotel estate of Ablon, in Normandy.