they both grew up in Kreuzberg, only a few Hundred meters away from each other. By Tim Raue, we know that he was a member of the youth gang, the 36 Boys, which was classified by the police as a criminal Association. Did you know the dodgy Tim, Mr Ramadan?

Ramadan: Oh, Yes. We even went to the same school. Tim Raue, the Deutsche in the case of the 36 Boys. Why is the in there, I wondered. A German among all the Turks, Kurds and Arabs? And then I saw you in a fight on the schoolyard. Since I knew, why you’re there.

Harsh: There were two ways in Kreuzberg: Either you give up your shoes, or you’ve got new. You’re either a victim or a belong to the Strong.

they Had weapons?

Harsh: there were, but were never used.

Ramadan: The honest fights at the time. Since no one has pulled a knife. Today, every 13-Year-old runs with a knife rum in Kreuzberg.

Sounds like a gangster romance. But they were, in fact, a thug. Where did you get your Aggression, Mr Rough?

Harsh: My father had beaten me, then I had to go back to my mother, who barely had time for me. The boys, the 36 Boys were my family.

A brawling family.

Rough: Yes, it is. But we didn’t go on the streets and hit any people on the face. We have sought the confrontation with other Berlin-based Gangs. So like Hooligans do.

Mr Ramadan, how have you spent these years? Watching what Tim Raue and his boys do?

Ramadan: I would be scary have been there, but I don’t have the heart. My father escaped in 1977 from the civil war in Lebanon to Germany. He left early this morning to work and late at night to come home. He has torn apart our family. And then, when all of a sudden the cops sitting in the living room, because I have done something wrong? Impossible, dude, I couldn’t bring.


Tim Raue (l.) increased with the age of 17 from the gear 36 Boys, and a cooking lesson began. With 23 he was head chef. In 2007, the restaurant guide Gault Millau “chef of the year, appointed him”. His Berlin Restaurant “Tim Raue” carries two Michelin stars.

Kida Ramadan came as the son of Lebanese civil war refugees in Berlin. A social worker in Kreuzberg and turned by the way of movies, discovered his acting Talent. In 2017, Ramadan received the German television award for his role in “4-Blocks”.

©Julian Baumann/star

The 36ers as a desire goal.

Ramadan: When I was in Hamburg or Munich, I was told that I would be one of them. I’m in Kreuzberg. I wanted my neighborhood to represent out there in the world. I owe Kreuzberg a lot, my whole career.

Rough: Why did you want to Film? Most of the big actors start in Theater.

Ramadan: We had a neighbor in Kreuzberg, which was in the theatre. He said to me: Kida, our bread is the applause. No, dude, I said this bread I don’t want to have. I want to play with real money. I fight and fight, and at the end there is not more than applause?

Harsh: What has made you so sure that you pack the Film?

Ramadan: high school I didn’t want to do anyway. I have not made changes to the secondary school to the end. For me it was clear: Either I make it as an actor, or I work with my father at the steak house. That was the bet.

there Is a Moment in life where you have decided, what will you do? Their biographies were not just created on the star chef and acting star.

Ramadan: After my first Film, “everyday life”, in 2003, was, I thought that I would have done it. At the film festival in Hof, you have thrown me in the air. I thought: How cool, dude, now you’re in business. But then, no offer came two years.

Harsh: What did you do?

Ramadan: Waited. It spoke to me about a producer of a small company and said: “Kida, I’ve seen you in the yard. We will soon have to make a movie. I’ll call you.” I’ve been waiting for. I had no cell phone. I was the whole damn day at home, and I was hoping that the guy calls. Four, five months I was every day until 18 o’clock in the room where our phone booth.

Harsh: And, the call came?

Ramadan: Yes, but then the guy said if I could come in two weeks to a Casting. The wanted me to cast! I thought I would be set. I then get smaller roles, here. Later, a young price, it went in small steps to the top.

Harsh: You’re a fighter, like me.

Mr Rough, how much street fighter is still in you?

Harsh: The old reflexes I still have in me, this energy that comes out of the Aggression. I notice small things like this. If I Check at the airport, for example, on Security, and as the inspector says a sentence that does not fit me from the sound, then I need to pull myself together extremely. I can tell with just a glance, what I feel: “You little fucker, what do you want from me?” I have a strong inner voice, and must take care that it POPs.


In the case of doubt, sharp and sour as to be harmonious: Tim Raue is aiming for in his dishes to contrast. Rough is one of the protagonists of the Netflix series “Chef’s Table”, in the international chefs portrayed.

©Turner Broadcasting System Europe

you could be much more relaxed as a highly decorated chef and a successful business man.

Rough: This is the pattern that life is a struggle for existence, is deep in me. I know what poverty is. My mother had no money to buy myself something Sensible to eat. We have not been able to turn the heat on in the Winter for a week. It makes something with you. I had to fight for everything and it is me with violence.

but Now you have definitely made it …

Harsh: … may be, but violence attracts me are still magical. I’m afraid I’m not doing this way with any therapy in this world. Another example: My best friend is ten years older than me and looks highly boring. If we go to the Olympic stadium to the football Hertha, I feel, where it will burn. I walk there, where’s the dudes that want to fight. My buddy’s looking for the next glass of champagne. To me, this contrast does well. I no longer am reminded that violence is a part of my life, a long time ago.

were you both always be the Best in their disciplines, in cooking and in the formworkuspielerei?

Ramadan: For me as a small Boy, it was clear: Either I play as good football as Ronaldo, or I’ll stop. Or the 36 Boys: I wanted to get in this Gang. It didn’t hurt me to be in it, even if I can’t do this to ultimately my father would have. In acting it is still the case today – I want to be the Best. What you must not do: say, is that for the Best. There is only Trouble.


Ramadan: Lars Eidinger has claimed that he is the number one actor in Germany, and got on the face.

Who is the best chef in Germany?

Harsh: There’s not a single Achiever. Every cook has his Strengths. And every chef has his time. I realize now also. There are so many talents to come from the bottom, the burst of creativity almost. This has to be Established is a sweet poison. It no longer goes to his limits, tried less, because you know you are doing a good Job. You can also go into risk, because you have a responsibility to the employees.

Has changed to cook so her style?

Harsh: I don’t want to be so loud. My plates are designed to not to scream. The question today is: How is it possible for me to secure a high level of quality?


A German passport helps a little: In the second season of the “4 Blocks” must be Clan chief Hamady (r.), played by Kida Ramadan, to be a area fight. A feuding Arab family wants to take control. The new episodes are on TNT series (available on Sky).

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you are very busy, have several Restaurants in Berlin, regularly appear on TV. It seems that they worked without loss of energy. The channeling of Aggression is the basis of your success?

Harsh: This is my fuel, no question. I have my 17. From the time when I started cooking, 23 years. Always six days a week, 16 to 18 hours. There’s a sheer determination to make it to the top. I have traveled around the world to look as the big chefs work and what I can learn from them. Every Cent I earned, I have reinvested in my business. I always wanted more, always to the front. But success has a price. And I’ve paid for. I had a bad disease, was burned out between at any time – even if the outside was not visible.

In their dishes, there is a kind of conflict is still.

Rough: The absolute maximum awards in cooking, I never got it. I’ll never get, because I strut in my kitchen, not to harmony, but to contrast. I’ll put up better sharpness again for a shovel and acid, have to pay attention to the fact that everything is subtle.

Mr Ramadan, and on the stage of art, so interpret? Is there something in the valve?

Ramadan: I have learned to fight for my stuff like a lion. I have never in the corner and said: The world is shit, therefore I can do it.

you have beaten all alone?

Ramadan: Kreuzberg, my acting school was. I have absorbed the language of the people on the streets in me, and made my language.

Harsh: you Were later on a right acting school?

Ramadan: I had meant an important Casting, and my agent, I will prepare for it properly, with a Coach. So I went to a Coach. The then showed me how to breathe before I say a sentence. And then I go to the Casting, to breathe start, and the film’s Director this way: “are you kidding me? What are you doing?”

Rough: Gorgeous!

Ramadan: I went to the Coach. Digga, what you’ll get from me for the hour? 120 euros? I’m referring to you, but leave me alone.

you often play types from the under world, such as the Clan-chief Toni Hamady in the series “4 Blocks”. This Slang you master great. But an actor must have other pitches in the Repertoire?

Ramadan: I’m just “Narcissus and Goldmund” by Hermann Hesse. Before I know, I said to the Director, Stefan Ruzowitzky, by the way, an Oscar-winner, “Stefan, you, actually, I kill people and sell drugs. How should I play this monk in the middle ages? How should I talk to?” Stefan said: “I don’t want to hear of Kreuzberg and Neukölln in your rates. Nothing else.”

Harsh: Daring for a historical Film.

Ramadan: Authentic stay, to adjust a lot, this is the best recipe for an actor. I’ve seen the Netflix series with you, Tim. There was some discussion about it in my circle of friends. Why are you shouting, for example, in the kitchen, who wanted to know. I said that Tim is like a football coach who must lead a team as a whole. The people do not know but. Think: Tim luck, is now in the kitchen and can cook.

the explosive Kreuzberg’s Temperament Comes through for you from time to time?

Ramadan: Clear, when people rumlärmen, I say, hey, come on, ma’! I’m working on at the Moment, I feel, in my gut, what I play. Have some fucking respect!

you have left with your family to the neighborhood. Why?

Ramadan: We are still in Kreuzberg, only in a quieter part. But honestly, it was not also because the “4 Blocks”-Fans were out in droves in front of the door and rang the bell.

Harsh: This Fan-don’t understand me. I know the Yes since the Netflix series, that constantly someone would like to make a photo with a. I wouldn’t dream of it.

Ramadan: Well, I can honestly say, I’ve done that too. I see Quentin Tarantino in a Berlin cinema seats. I am back and I asked him if we can take a photo. Because the says: “No, I don’t do selfies.” I looked at him and said: “you Know what: Fuck you, dude.” Of the I watch a Film.

Mr Rough, as it is the young people today in Kreuzberg? “4 Blocks” is the reality, and it’s not all contest will be held nice at the ping pong table.

Rough: The respect for elders is gone. I was recently Together, and I met the guy who used to be a lifeguard,. We were maybe 14 years old, and if as sometimes girls showed their Boobs, we were, well – close. There was a pipe too, at the time ne back, and then was good. Today, he told the lifeguard to me, because nine-year-old in front of him and say: “I’ll kill you, dude, I fuck your wife und burn your apartment down.”

Ramadan: The Gangsta Rap of today, an Inspiration, unfortunately, is already. The language of apply.

Harsh: I think a lot of young people want to get out, to achieve something in life. I have observed in the case of apprentices: Those who come from lower layers, which have a different Motivation. The knowledge that you must take your Chance, they’re hungry. Sometimes it’s not so bad, if you had a difficult origin.

There is also an opposite trend: The Emergence of immigrant parallel societies that live according to their own rules and laws.

Harsh: We have a fundamental Problem. If you look at how this works today, if the police want to intervene, then, is clear: The state is no longer master of the situation. And it is important to know who the boss is. The state needs to have the sole monopoly on violence.

Ramadan: I have also sometimes my five minutes where I have to hold myself back. Often it is my wife who says: “kid, calm down.” The next day I’ll be like, Kida, haste well done. But for the Moment it is difficult. I eventually decided to me the mentality here is to adapt and to learn discipline. I am the most German, German, dude, I’m always on time.

Rough: last year I was in juvie and that I have read from my book. Have wondered how you come out, as you one day drive a Ferrari. My answer was: The Ferrari is far away, start with small steps. Be polite, be on time, have respect for.

Mr Ramadan, how come you are so that people take their movie character, the Clan-chief Hamady, as a role model?

Ramadan: it is very difficult to me have already mentioned what the wanted to work for me, so for me, as a gangster boss. The wanted to sell for me, coke.

Harsh: I think you embody this character with a lot of heart. I knew people who were just evil. Others have some Good in them, but due to the circumstances on a slippery slope.