Coach versus zombie Hitler? Why not?

Left 4 Dead 2’s heroes, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle and Nick, have returned to World War 2 in order to join the Zombie Army 4, a four-player zombie shooter. These heroes are available as a free DLC, the Left 4 Dead Character Pack 2. This follows similar DLC that was released a few months ago and added the original game’s heroes to the Left 4 Dead Character Pack 1.

These DLC don’t include character voices. You won’t hear Ellis’ good-old-boy tales as you battle Nazi zombies. However, it’s still a fun freebie. Zombie Army 4 also has some paid DLC out this month, like Return to Hell, the conclusion of a story that’s played out across previous episodic DLC. It sends you to Hell where you will face some creepy mannequins and other enemies.