came When Nokia was still king of the mobile market, only in exceptional cases, someone had the idea to buy a cell phone. The devices there were, of course, by the network provider for the Tariff. With...
With Halloween, the Golden autumn comes to an end, the cold Season is finally in front of the door. Time to curl up with a cozy blanket and a hot drink on the Couch. So it is...
It is a highly efficient way to hinder the investigation: Because German police-spread officials, no children pornographic media, such as Videos or images, or even create, may, require many of the relevant Darknet forums exactly such Material,...
The higher regional court in Frankfurt has imposed an Internet Influencerin, your contributions on the platform Instagram as a advertising to mark. At the request of a publisher, the court issued a final restraining order...
If you are looking for a Smartphone, you often have not-so-accurate ideas about what you're looking for. Then Tests like the Stiftung Warentest are helpful: they evaluate the most important aspects in use and technology, weights and...
newspaper publishers in Germany are currently experimenting with payment models on the Internet and see a lot of opportunities. What works, is good and ausrecherchierter sound local journalism, and not the cat Video, said the...
Google is a significant step in the development of quantum computers. With the help of his processor Sycamore is it possible to do a calculation in 200 seconds, the currently fastest Supercomputer in 10,000 years would require,...
It is a heavy year for Huawei. In the spring it looked as if you could bump Samsung the end of the year, and thus earlier than planned - from the Smartphone throne. With the trade war...
Berlin's security researchers have uncovered according to a report by the news magazine "der Spiegel" security gaps in the approval process of Apps for smart speaker from Amazon and Google. The researchers at the Berlin...
There are creepy shots: Although the request of the user is already answered on Alexa and Google's Assistant each word and forward it to an external Server. At one point the assistant even ask in the order...


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IDC: PC market will recover until next year

IDC: PC market will recover until next year

The world market for personal computing devices will start to recover after the pandemic coronavirus until next year, according to analysts International Data Corporation (IDC).