Wednesday, 5. September: The view is breathtaking – New York in the sunset. Suddenly a wild Shout is heard, slightly reddish-blue is flying through the street canyons. It’s Spiderman on Verbrecherjgad, it is Spider-Man in his latest console implementation. Marvel’s Spider-Man was developed by Insomniac Games and it starts at 7. September on the PS4, and PS4 Per.

What’s the point?

It’s Spidey time! The well-known comic book hero is sent into a new adventure. Eight years after he plated for the first time, the spider mask, must prove to the young man as a super hero. But also the private life presents him a challenge: He wants to go to his aunt’s at Hand, the relationship with Ex-girlfriend, MJ is … complicated. And then there’s the love of money: The has in “real” life is hot at the end of Peter Parker a Job at a comic book template, well-known scientists – but even there, things are rather complicated.

Here’s the cliché-lobe of the late U.S. hits-teenager. But that’s all part of the Spider-Man universe, such as the sticky spider threads. About the content of the main history tell of spoiler reasons, only so much: Spider-Man tells a rich Story that would work well in Comic Format. With spectacular Twists, sad (less) and very amusing (much more) moments and exciting villains. Best offer on

For whom the Game is?

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an Open World Action-Adventure. Is located in a copy of the city of New York. With turns, jumps, and Sprints, the player explores the expansive dock facilities, Central Park or the deep canyons. There are at every corner on what to see or do. Many and, in part, arg, generic side missions, invite you to linger, Fans want to take Selfies with the superhero and, Oh, there is a spectacular chase up and running now. This is so turbulent that you have to force yourself to fast, simply, the great city, with a few spider web swings. dpa/Sony Interactive Entertainment/dpa-tmn Furious Action in big-city canyons is in “Spider-Man” guarantees.

Lands Spider-Man then on the floor, he has a broad smorgasbord of techniques and skills to beat the shit out of his opponent after line and thread. The use of the special properties of the hero, of course. Opponents hanging in a short period of time in spider webs on the wall, the weapons are wrested from the distance and Spidey’s spider-sense allows him to at the last second to Dodge. With a bit of Practice, the battles look really stylish and a cool Flow that only ends with the slow-motion Finish against the last opponent. So alive, a combat system in the Batman Parts feels.

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How good it is?

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a great game. It looks good, has a great scenery, perfect Sound and makes a lot of fun. The main story has many high points and plays more, or less, sent with the super-hero clichés. Not everyone, however, will be the cheeky Spider-Man likeable. And not any secondary activity, as well as the collective mission of developing a Sog, some of it feels like a chore. dpa/Sony Interactive Entertainment/dpa-tmn He is back: The new “Spider-Man” is, for now, a PS4-exclusive title.

considering, however, that some of the film implementation of specific films, independent super-hero Games have been in the past, terrible games, Marvel’Spider-Man, the beneficial opposite. It is very much love for the Detail, but it also says a lot of things, so the game is made for Fans and newcomers to this universe. It plays stunning, what lies at the very direct control. And last but not least: The good script to make a Controller to take.

rating: 4 out of 5 spider legs

Details: Marvel’s Spider-Man, distributed by Sony Computer Entertainment, will appear at 7. September for the PS4 and PS4 Per. In the standard version, it costs around 70 euros, the Special and collector’s editions are already sold out.

In the PCP Topher Grace after the Trailer that Tom Hardy is the better Venom!


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