Apple has more Trouble with the keyboards for its Macbook Laptops. According to ongoing user complaints, the group expanded the exchange program on Tuesday to Notebook models from the past and this year.

Apple had introduced in the year 2015 new, flat keyboard-mechanism. This allowed the group to build thinner devices. At the same time, many users of the keys, the work clamps or not the defendant – for example, if crumbs or grains of Dust slipping into the mechanism.

Apple is believed to have the Problem with the third Generation of the so-called “Butterfly”keyboards solved, in which the mechanism is received through an additional protection by a thin cover under the keys. However, user complaints have continued.

In the case of new devices will be fixed the problem with the use of a new material, such as the “Wall Street Journal” reported, citing the company.

Together with the expansion of the keyboard exchange, Apple started a repair program for Displays some Macbook Pro computers from the year of 2016, and introduced a new Top model of the Macbook Pro with eight processor cores.