came When Nokia was still king of the mobile market, only in exceptional cases, someone had the idea to buy a cell phone. The devices there were, of course, by the network provider for the Tariff. With the advent of Smartphones has changed: It is usually cheaper to buy the device itself and then choose a suitable Tariff rate. But, is this true? Stiftung Warentest has examined the costs of six popular Smartphones with or without a Collective – with surprising results.

Because the image is not as easy as you’d think. Whether or not you should buy the Smartphone rather individually or in the Tariff, comes specifically on the offer, were found test. So you could save about when buying a Huawei P30 Pro (here in the Test) on O2 all 280 Euro compared to the same Tariff with a self-purchased Smartphone. This corresponds to more than one-third of the device price. Even if they find the Smartphone is a real bargain, so buying a lot of Savings in the case of a pure device only in extreme cases of it. Also the Samsung Galaxy S10+, or mid-range devices like the Huawei P30 Lite, you could save properly.

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Such a bargain, it was not the iPhone. While the iPhone 11 times quite a few Euro Savings, is the iPhone 11 Pro Max consistently as a single effective device. The only exception is a Tariff of the Telekom. Here you paid for the phone and the Internet over 24 months for 1200 Euro.

the iPhone 11 shows, however, that you have to compare the offers carefully. The Saving was usually only ten to 15 euros, the device itself, you can get a good offer, but already up to 50 euros under the test stated price. After all, there was in the entire Test, only a few deals in which the Tariff with a Smartphone was significantly more expensive. The largest differences were in the case of Vodafone: Here you paid a good 120 Euro extra, if you choose one of the tariffs including iPhone.

+++ Here you can find our in-depth Test of the iPhone 11 +++


worth it Given the outcome of the test, each offer carefully calculate were recommended. To do this, one must calculate the monthly payment of a desire tariff with device award as well as the one-off payment together with the tariff cost plus the individual purchase price against any. Who in their device and Provider flexible, can make real bargains.

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In the case of the subsidised Tariffs, but this is only if you cancel after the expiry of the minimum term, too, were warning of the test. Otherwise, you pay in General, namely: The monthly unit charge is simply calculated further, if the Tariff continue to run without that you get a new device. So you pay without performance more.

two-year rates could soon

disappear In the future, could move the market once again, to clarify, the product testers. The German government plans to limit the contract periods for Tariffs on a year. This should come as likely to be monthly payments or one-time payments to the top, were presumed to be test. O2 already offers a Tariff where the monthly mortgage on the device is from mobile phone tariff-independent, and also longer or shorter can run. The cost of the Fare and comply with, according to a comparison of the test but the old Offered.

The full Test with many more examples you find for a fee

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