With Halloween, the Golden autumn comes to an end, the cold Season is finally in front of the door. Time to curl up with a cozy blanket and a hot drink on the Couch. So it is fitting that the Streaming provider in November to put on toasty warm again.

especially Fans of old Mafia-strip is expected to almost cheer: “The Irishman” has been directed by legend Martin Scorsese reunited with his old comrades-in-arms of Robert De Niro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci probably for the last Time as a Mafiosi in front of the camera. After the project had for many years failed, he was allowed to implement it at the end when Netflix and may not work out, probably even chances at an Oscar.

most exciting reboot is probably “We are the darlings of the wave”

the series, Netflix relies on Fan. With the ninth season of “Modern Family”, new episodes of “Queer Eye” and “American Horror Story” and the second season, “The End of the fucking World” is likely to make many viewers happy. Most exciting reboot is probably the remake of the textbook-classic “The wave” that goes to the streaming service as “We are the wave” in a series.

Also, Amazon relies on well-Known. The much-promised Nazi utopia, “The Man in The High Castle” goes with the fourth season to the end. In addition, another provider provides, for the first time as a Sky, the second season of “4Blocks”. And then the “Friends” that as of November, Amazon a new home are there, of course. Film Amazon with “Tomb Raider” and “Lord of the rings”series in Hollywood, but also with “Brittany Runs a Marathon” is an award-winning Indy gem.

The full list of the novelties you can find below.

Netflix: New shows in November 2019Haikyu!!: Season 2, from 01. November 2019The Eccentric Family season 1, from 01. November 2019Death Parade: season 1, from 01. November 2019Girls’ Last Tour: season 1 from 01. November 2019Toradora!: Season 1, from 01. November 2019Goblin Slayer: season 1, from 01. November 2019Lego Friends – Friends on a Mission: season 2, from 01. November 2019Kleo and Luke: season 1, from 01. November 2019Modern Family: season 9, from 01. November 2019Atypical: season 3 , starting with 01. November 2019Hache , from 01. November 2019Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! from 01. November 2019Wir the shaft are , from 01. November 2019The End of the F***ing World: season 2, from 05. November 2019Greenleaf: season 4, from 06. November 2019SCAMS , from 06. November 2019Busted!: Season 2 , from 08. November 2019Grünes Egg with bacon, from 08. November 2019Little Things: season 3, 09. November 2019Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: edition 5, 10. November 2019Mars: season 2, from 12. November 2019The Stranded , 14. November 2019American Horror Story: Apocalypse, 15. November 2019Hinter grids: part 2 , from 15. November 2019I’m with the Band: Nasty Cherry, aged 15. November 2019Der Club, aged 15. November 2019Spielzeug – This was our Childhood: season 3 , 15. November 2019The Crown: season 3, from 17. November 2019Z Nation: season 5, from 20. November 2019Dolly parton’s heart stories , from 22. November 2019High Seas: season 2, from 22. November 2019Wer can, you can! Merry Christmas: season 2, from 22. November 2019Die world of drugs: Dope Stories, from 22. November 2019Keiner wakes up from 22. November 2019Singapore Social , from 22. November 2019Merry Happy Whatever , from 28. November 2019Sugar Rush Christmas , from 29. November 2019Filme – our cinema years , from 29. November 2019Amazon Prime topics in this article, Netflix, Amazon series Streaming Friends The One Tomb Raider Sugar Rush Robert De Niro Al Pacino Joe Pesci camera Oscar Sky Lord of the rings Hollywood LEGO Japan toy Dolly Parton signed New in Digital Multiple devices, The end of cheap Streaming? Netflix wants to prevent the Sharing of Accounts Of Malte Mansholt display star travel worlds London football trip to Premier League with a flight from 479 euros, New Figures presented to once again breathe, then it will be for Netflix uncomfortable By Christoph Fröhlich Streaming The return of “Breaking Bad” and more: in October, Netflix, and Amazon Prime By Malte Mansholt Sharper, smarter, and more transparent: These are the TV Highlights of the IFA By Malte Mansholt IFA-idea Move to Sonos and the slow giant was now in the offer Of Malte Mansholt fire TV announcement, Amazon is pushing into the living room and a Mediamarkt-TV from IFA Large, cheap or 8K: What is the German TV important Of painted Mans the end of The Binging brings? Why is the Streaming services from Disney and Apple, our Netflix change habits, want Of painted Mans Streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime brings in September: two new series made in Germany By Malte Mansholt record Budgets Apple is gearing up for the Streaming-war – and Netflix will have to dress warmly By Malte Mansholt 40 new Levels of Mahjong – free to play! Play technology-myths in Check, Why the extra charge for gold HDMI cable New strategy can save By Christoph Fröhlich Netflix have to sacrifice the series to continue to grow By Christoph Fröhlich Streaming So Netflix wants to search for App, suddenly access to your Fitness data and Party mode With these ten Tricks to get the most out of Spotify out By Malte Mansholt