It is a highly efficient way to hinder the investigation: Because German police-spread officials, no children pornographic media, such as Videos or images, or even create, may, require many of the relevant Darknet forums exactly such Material, in order to grant access. The so-called “chastity examination” locks the investigating officers so effectively. Now, you should receive finally a way to cheat still in closed networks.

The legal politicians of the SPD and the CDU have agreed to allow cops to Create Computer-generated child pornographic images. The want to know the “DPA” from coalition circles. The technical Trick is likely to succeed finally, to overcome the previous Barrier.

child pornography on the Internet About police in the hunt for child abuse at the end of the perpetrator tied the hands Of Malte Mansholt Hidden in the Darknet

The times, in which there was to be found in the normal Web child pornography, are long gone. The large providers like Facebook, Google, or Dropbox to be reported to the police long ago, any attempt, such a media upload. The Pädokriminiellen move today, largely in forums on the supposedly anonymous Darknet. And, have no fear there, too, in front of the investigators.
“As a simple User you can log in as simple and read,” says the BKA’s main Commissioner Daniel Szumilas in the star-Podcast “search track”. Everywhere you don’t come into it but so far. “There are in the forums then so-called ‘Producer Lounges’, in which only the User can come in to its own, new Material. And only then be allowed to see the Material of the other.”

– censorship-debate Facebook deletes iconic photo from the Vietnam war – because of child pornography Narrow limits of the law

The officials, so far, in General, not to this circular. Although there is already an exception that allows the investigators to the possession of child pornographic Material – finally, you would have to show otherwise, self-spreading is, however, forbidden to continue. Finally, the judiciary does not want to help to increase the suffering of the real victims by making pictures and Videos of their abuse of other people. Access to the inner circle of the investigators received only in lucky cases, for example if the Accounts of users came in, the fingers were there, already established and, accordingly, not necessarily their own pictures had to.

The new scheme would circumvent the Dilemma of the police: By faking the alleged misuse of the Computer, could gain official access to promote without any real abuse. In politics, we see this need for action: “it is Precisely because sexual crimes against children are particularly heinous, and the victims are often traumatized for life, we must do more to protect children” – quoted by the “REUTERS” of the SPD-right politician Johannes Fechner.

the Federal constitutional court examines teacher for possession of child porn sentenced – may you continue to work? DPA The policy wants to act

the new approach is Embedded in the draft law for cyber-grooming, and is currently being discussed in the Bundestag. He should make it Pädokriminellen harder in seemingly harmless Chats to contact possible Victims to include. In addition, it should allow the law of the investigators now, from found DNA traces to derive in addition to the gender and of the test on the known offenses also other information such as the age or the skin – and eye color. And now to just add the permission to the Computer-generated media.

the pedophile networks are quickly changing, but is not to refrain for the time being. “The Internet is – since it has been introduced – also in this area of crime the defining Instrumentalities,” explains Szumila. Nevertheless, the police was already clear more than a few years ago. You can translate with a combination of technical tools and classical identification of anonymous users in the Darknet. The pressure is on, the scene had grown a lot. “We hunt them now in front of us.” The chastity test should lose your purpose, it should be for the Criminals even more difficult.

sources: DPA, Podcast track search

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