Season 16 will see the return of two maps, and there are new modes in the pipeline.

Destiny 2’s Witch Queen expansion will be revealed to the world on August 24, but ahead of that assistant game director Joe Blackburn shared some thoughts on the game’s PvP mode in a lengthy thread on Twitter. Blackburn stated that the team had put a lot of effort into “plussing the current Crucible experience” and promised that more changes would be made in the next season, including a revamp of Trials of Osiris.

While Blackburn does not directly address the general feeling in Destiny 2’s PvP community about the mode being neglected, it is clear from his detailed explanations and topics that he addresses which audience he is speaking to. Whether the promises made in the thread–some of which are fairly far off–will be enough to mollify players who haven’t received a new map in, by our reckoning, 674 days, is another matter.