The Loyalty to the own house Bank is crumbling in the Wake of digitization according to a recent study – and this is likely to lead many financial institutions to increased competition.

I still changed a year ago, just one third of all German citizens (34 percent) already be a master Giro account, had increased the proportion, in the meantime, to 41 percent, according to a representative survey conducted by the digital Association Bitkom.

67 per cent of the customers today are digital services such as Online Banking or Banking Apps is important in the selection of your Bank, a year ago, it was still 57 percent. Many are soon to reach the end of the branches (57 percent) or a well-known brand (56 percent), therefore, factors, the fall in customers of less weight.

“For banks and savings banks mean the digitization of the financial industry and the changing customer behavior fundamentally changing,” said Bitkom President Achim Berg on Tuesday. Established providers, as well as digital companies, this opened up huge opportunities”. The Bitkom can imagine-survey, almost every third (29 percent), to open an account held with a Bank in the case of a digital company such as Google, Apple or Amazon if it should give such offers.