The E-scooter of the Berlin-based provider Unu go into the grid: With the help of a permanently installed Sim card the latest models of the Start-ups in the future will be a Smartphone App with friends and family members to share.

at the same time the scooter to receive a digital anti-theft protection, announced Vodafone and Unu. The networked Services are optional and free of charge. For September announced three new scooter models will be equipped with a Display.

rental Services for E-scooter, there are now in many cities. The Start-up Unu continued to date on the sale of his Scooter, was, however, already in the past summer, a digital networking the vehicles in view. For Unu it was crucial to develop a product in the connectivity, “is not just a feature”, but the backbone of the user image and likeness of experience, said Unu-founder Mathieu Caudal.

About the App, different users, such as friends or family, therefore, the members authorize and appropriate rights of use to Deposit. Without a key, this can then switch the Scooter free and use. Location and movements of the vehicle be visible at any time. In the case of theft the owner will be alerted, thus, also automatically, and may inspect the respective site.