2022 looks to be an even larger year for gaming. It was already massive.

Horizon Forbidden West has not yet been announced for PC, but we’re confident it’s going to happen–eventually anyway. Sony has been open about its intention to bring first-party games to PC, including Death Stranding and Days Gone. Even the famously PlayStation-exclusive Uncharted is apparently headed for PC at some point. It’s also worth noting that Forbidden West, the PlayStation game, has been delayed to early 2022. This will inevitably push the PC release even further away.

A rumor of the delay first surfaced earlier this week when Jeff Grubb said during his Giant Bomb program (via GamesRadar) that Sony was “leaning toward” delaying the game until next year, although as he understood it the matter hadn’t actually been settled. According to a Bloomberg report posted today, however, the decision has now been made, and Horizon Forbidden West has indeed been delayed.