It is another milestone in the development of Artificial intelligence (AI): When AI systems will have beaten the best human player in chess and Go, can be reached also in the case of 3D video games with...
Frank-Walter Steinmeier is coming on Monday for the first time a Federal President at the digital conference re:publica in Berlin. It is expected that Steinmeier linked to in the opening speech, his topics of democracy and debate...
The U.S., Britain and Australia have called on Facebook, the announced Expansion of encryption in Online social network is not without a back door for law enforcement authorities to implement. This is important to protect...
two weeks Ago, Apple celebrated again its great iPhone Show. The group unveiled three new phones, all of which are faster, better, and some models are even greener than its predecessor. The cameras have more lens, the...
It is one of these warnings, when you ask yourself: Who does that? In the US, gift cards showed up on iTunes a clear message: "Can not be used for payments outside of the US iTunes or...
So flexible to be of good sound never was: Bluetooth speakers music nearly anywhere, whether in the garden, in the kitchen or grilling in the Park. But which model is really worth it? Stiftung Warentest tested 19...
In the spring of sixty years ago could be amazed the residents of the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan just: Above the water, a huge six-engined nuclear-dipped bombers of the Air Force. The B-47 to be pulled up...
The chip group Qualcomm has ban in its patent dispute with Apple sales in Germany, fought for, which could restrict the sales of several older iPhone models. Affected are the following model series: iPhone 7 and 8...
Eight months after the entry into force of a Europe-wide rule to the boundless use of paid Streaming services, customers still have problems to retrieve the content in other EU countries. As a representative study...
Netflix knew on the stock exchange for many years only one direction: straight to the top. To incredible 8500 percent, the share price increased in the last ten years. The Streaming pioneer mixed Hollywood and the classic...


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Durov warned about the dangers of using WhatsApp

Durov warned about the dangers of using WhatsApp

According to him, the hacking of the phone of vladelca Amazon Jeff Bezos has occurred through a malicious file