Rockstar Publisher has sought out more mods that used content from GTA 3 Vice City and San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two has issued copyright takedown notices for several mods on, according to a post from the site. Mods included content from older Rockstar Games into newer games, or combined content from different Rockstar games into a larger game. The mods used material from Grand Theft Auto 3 San Andreas, Vice City and Mahunt as well as Bully.

This has been a legally active year for Take-Two, starting with takedown notices for reverse-engineered versions of GTA3 and Vice City. These projects were restored later. Take-Two issued takedown notices for mods that moved content from older Grand Theft Auto game into GTA5 and vice-city-rockstar-busts-them/”>reverse-engineered versions of GTA3 and Vice City. That lead to a group of modders preemptively taking down their 14-year-old mod for San Andreas in case they were next on Take-Two’s list.