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The Apple Store: So cheaters iPhone cheated in the value of $ 900,000


You know the Problem: at some point a device will no longer. Then one wishes as a customer, only a fair point of contact for a repair or replacement. Apple made to its customers in the USA, but probably too easy: All 1500 new iPhones should have received an individual Student as a substitute of the devices. Now he will be soon in court.

Because, of course, Quan J., and his friend, Yang Yang, for example, did not complain just 1500 Defects in their private iPhones. The two Chinese nationals were enrolled as students at two universities in the U.S. state of Oregon. Your money you earned, according to the security authorities in order to allegedly defective iPhone fakes from China send and then in the case of Apple against the original trade.

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Tech giant, Crash, error, Problem: Why are these words in the Apple Store 1493 exchange-iPhones

are prohibited By Malte Mansholt it worked shockingly often. 3069 iPhone repairs should have applied for J. according to Apple, every single Time he claimed that the device would not turn on. The Surprising: 1493 Time he got from Apple is actually a replacement unit. 895.800 of dollars of damage should be according to the group emerged, reports the local newspaper “The Oregonian”. Also, for example, s name 200 repair should have been made requests.

try to How exactly Apple to this variety of fraud, could fall, is not known. According to investigators, the group was not able to identify the defective devices immediately as fakes, because it is not switchable devices cannot be on the spot at the Apple Store inspected.

Add to: In the United States Apple as the dealer is much more accommodating. Again and again, customers report to have a new replacement unit given to get, if you reported a Defect in a current model. As the group J. s mesh noticed, they sent him a cease and desist letter. He now claims to have never received it. Why is Apple not showing it, is not known.

Quick attack In just 12 seconds, these robbers from a Apple Store, painted Mans, inch Holt discovered the mesh

Blown were the two men, according to the customs in Portland on one of the deliveries of counterfeit iPhones had stumbled and investigations initiated. In the case of a house search, they found at J. 300 fake devices. He will always get back to packages with 20 to 30 devices to different addresses are sent. The money for the back to China skillful iPhones went, therefore, through his mother, to an account to which he had access.

The indictment accuses the two of not only fraud, but also the smuggling of counterfeit Goods. J. denied the accusation through his lawyer. He knew that it was counterfeit, said of the local magazine “Koin”. “We expect that we will be able to fend off all allegations.”

not to fight in fact, Apple has for the first Time with this stitch. Such as “The Information” reported, had gangs in China, broken and stolen iPhones, organised, worried by the Expansion of the Parts is inoperative, made, and exchanged at Apple with new, you might sell is completely legal. The items were then sold to repair shops.

sources: The Oregonian, The Information, Koin

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