The New World team has given a brief update on server transfer, a promise feature they laid out earlier this week but have not yet released. A post has been posted on the New World gaming forums. It provides updates on how it went, what it will look like, and why it was delayed.

A character will receive a token from the in game store. They can then use the token to transfer to another world that is not full, in maintenance, or in the same area as theirs. All of your progress, currency, houses and other items will be preserved. However, you can’t keep a company membership or friends list.

It takes so long to implement. “During testing, we discovered some edge cases in which the transfer experience did not meet our standards. TrevzorFTW, community manager, stated that this means we will take extra time to resolve these issues before we are able to give everyone their server transfer token.

How can I transfer my character to


  • Logging into your character will require you to wait in the appropriate queues.
  • To claim your character transfer token, go to the in-game shop.
  • You must leave your company.
  • All active Trading Post orders must be removed.
  • Your character must be found in a sanctuary (such a settlement, outpost).

What happens to me when I move?

  • All character advancement (level, weapon mastery and titles) will be kept. You will keep all character progression (level, weapon mastery, titles, etc.
  • You will maintain your Faction alliance, progress and continue to work with them
  • Your inventory and storage will be kept.
  • All of your currency will be kept.
  • Your houses and decorations will be preserved.
  • All quest progress will be kept.

What doesn’t transfer with my character?

  • You must end your Company membership before you transfer. It will not carry forward.
  • Active Trading Post Sell Orders and Buy Orders must be removed. They will not carry forward.
  • Your friends list is unique to the world and will not be transferred.