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Targeted GPS interference: Russia wants to protect Putin – and reveals Accidentally his secret Palace


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Without Navi, has become within a few years, for many people, unthinkable. The global satellite System allowed it today, at any time the location exactly. Or to hide him. That seems to do Russia always systematic, shows a recent study. In addition to Russian ports, airports and the military intervention in Syria, the Russian President Vladimir Putin is protected with false GPS signals.

Nearly 10,000 cases of counterfeit positioning signals, the researchers of the U.S. think tank “Center for Advanced Defense”, in short, C4ADS found. The biggest part of it was in Russian territory, but also in the Crimea and in Syria, examples could be found. Not only the US GPS System but also the EU has been hijacked-the Equivalent of Galileo, and the Chinese variant of Baidou and with the wrong information fed.

week bug Week Overflow: Why millions of GPS devices as of Saturday no longer function correctly By Malte Mansholt Whom the disorders protect?

As the exact purpose of the disorder, the researchers suspect the protection of particularly important people like President Vladimir Putin, but also the fault of drones in strategically important areas such as ports and airports. With the use in active combat zones, it is established to the de-Facto no-fly zones. Most of the faults there were in the city of Gelendzhik, near the Crimea, in St. Petersburg and Moscow. But also the port cities in the North and the Black sea had to contend with the interference.

That Russia is using the positioning disorders, especially for the protection of important persons, the researchers concluded from the fact that in many places only problems arose when parts of the Russian leadership were spot on. Thus, the tracking stopped around the Crimean bridge twice in dozens of ships. Both times had visited Putin’s Prestige project it was precisely in this period of time.

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If the cover tells the location

As the disruption of moving, together with Putin’s motorcade, suggest the researchers, that Russia has accommodated the mobile station in one of the cars. The implementation of the jammer is simple: The satellite Signal is easily drowned in a surge of radio waves on a similar frequency, the study stated. The receiver can no longer detect the weak Original, and failure when positioning.

Also for the protection of important buildings seems to be the location disturbed. According to the report, approximately in the vicinity of the Kremlin, the President’s residence in Moscow, but also in important ports to be found in Sochi or Olyva regularly disorders. The Use is easy to explain: It is the range of official government bodies.

in fact, could be revealed through the interference, but also secret projects. In front of the black sea coast in Gelendzhik, most of the ships spin reported by far end of tracking devices – even though there are no official government buildings. By tracing the problems reported, the researchers were able to show that you believed to emanate from a certain site. The Clou: Even longer, is rumored to have the seat at the end of the gigantic Palace would be the seat of Putin with illegally diverted state funds and built a Private. The President denies this, however, vehemently.

source: C4ADS, BBC

Smartphone-GPS, Google stores, where you are – even if you forbid

The Internet giants want to know where we are. Also, Google asks for permission to track the location of its users. Now comes out: If users reject the site history, has no real effect – Google collects the data anyway.

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