Harsh criticism, hope and Portal. And the realization that some people still like Battlefield 5 right now.

Some Battlefield fans were disappointed by the Battlefield2042 beta last weekend. This only reduced their expectations for the full game which will be released this November after a long delay of a month.

“I have had Battlefield disappoint my before, but this time, I think the inherent core game is terrible,” said Reddit user TerrorFirmerIRL. They cancelled their Battlefield 2042 preorder after experiencing the beta.

Xfactor was a former Battlefield esports competitor. He currently streams Apex Legends. He told PC Gamer that Battlefield 2042 was “flawed from an essential Battlefield shooter perspective.” The beta was not only unacceptable to him, but it also featured “dumbed-down” guns and other identity lapses.

Although my beta experience was frustrating at times, I enjoyed playing with friends and being a tank commander. As you can see in the gif below, I enjoyed annoying snipers with a drone.

Morgan also enjoyed beta. We weren’t the only ones having fun, despite some flaws. TiToim wrote that “most people IRL really like the game.”


No matter where players gathered to discuss Battlefield 2042 beta 2, no one can deny that it was bugged as hell. He says that one of the bugs highlighted in Xfactor is a bug that was present in Battlefield 5. He posted a video on Twitter showing a player appearing to materialize behind him after firing two silent shots.

DICE claims that the beta had some issues, but that the Battlefield 2042 version that is being prepared for November has already addressed them. Also, the beta had a very limited scope: Only one map and only one mode were accessible via a simplified UI. However, not everyone believes that launch will resolve the spacetime anomalies they encountered in beta.

Even if everything went smoothly, there would still be many design issues for players like Xfactor. Another major target for criticism is Battlefield 2042’s new specialist classes, which have replaced the existing classes. Specialists are characters that carry special gadgets, such as a grappling hook and healing pistol, much like Rainbow Six Siege operators. They can be outfitted with any type of gun or equipment, unlike Siege operators. An LMG user can use anti-air missiles while a sniper can carry anti-tank rockets. Ammo crates exist, but what about explosives?