Sea of Thieves was released three years ago. Despite a rather lackluster launch offering, it has grown into a fun cooperative seafaring game. Joe Neate, a rare executive producer, reports today that the game has reached the 25 million player milestone. No doubt that the almost constant flow of updates has contributed to that growth.

Neate lists 25 new additions to the game in his blog post . But the most important information is free money. You’ll receive 25,000 gold and 25 doubloons if you log in to Sea of Thieves between Oct 19 and 26. This is for all players, but only one player will receive 25 million gold. That will make you very rich in Sea of Thieves terms. Perhaps you could give up pirating?

Over the last six months, Sea of Thieves has been active in a lot of ways. The game is following the trend of collaborating with other entertainment brands. Sea of Thieves also did this with Pirates of the Caribbean. The fourth season of the game (yes, it now has seasons), added to allow for more stuff to be done underwater. This is a natural evolution of a game that’s primarily on water.