REDESIGN – the resignation of The minister of energy Transition has not led to realignment : the head of the State wished to save a excitement in the media.

Summary Redesign and Edouard Philippe Realignment and Emmanuel Macron government Reshuffle List of ministers

[updated 17 July 2019 at 10h58] the president of the Republic and the Prime minister have, therefore, replaced François de Rugy by Elizabeth Terminal, that retains its prerogatives and its portfolio of Transport minister. Choose the former CEO of the RATP, who was also the director of the cabinet of Ségolène Royal to the French ministry of Ecology, offers a certain comfort : the executive avoids a sequence of negotiations and speculations, which feed the media and the newspaper columns for days. Not an overhaul, not boiling, not of the comments and reactions of the opposition on a new set of chairs rotating.

François de Rugy, who was embroiled in a controversy related to spending when he was chairman of the national Assembly, has submitted his resignation on July 16, 2019, 10 months after being entrusted with the ministry of energy Transition. After Nicolas Hulot, already to the Ecology, and Gérard Collomb, Emmanuel Macron, and Edouard Philippe are dealing with a third resignation among the heavy weights of the government in less than a year.

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Edouard Philippe was appointed Prime minister on may 15, 2017, in the aftermath of the taking over of official Emmanuel Macron at the Elysée. Mayor of le Havre up here, Edouard Philippe was tipped to Matignon for this realignment in the highly anticipated beginning of the quinquennium. From the Republicans, very close to Alain Juppé for years, he had distanced himself from the campaign of François Fillon at the presidential election then was held sufficiently away from the campaign to appear to be too rooted in one camp or the other. Still relatively unknown to the general public in may of 2017, presented as a elected field that had never held ministerial office, Edouard Philippe had the advantage of being a part of this right “Macron-compatible”, that will be called soon, “the Constructive”, while reflecting, to 47 years, with the renewal of the political class called his wishes by Emmanuel Macron. As of may 15, 2017, Edouard Philippe has thus been loaded by Emmanuel Macron to form a new government.

Redesign : Macron responsible for appointment

The first government of Emmanuel Macron, the government of Philip 1, will be finally appointed on may 17, 2017. The announcement of the new government is not at Matignon. Even if the head of government is the Prime minister, the latter was officially a power of proposal at amendments. It is on the decision of the head of the State, Emmanuel Macron, that the appointments must take place. According to the constitution, it is indeed the president who appoints the government, at the proposal of its Prime minister. It is, therefore, on the front steps of the presidential palace, the secretary general of the Elysee traditionally takes the word and gives formally the list of ministers that make up the new government. The more often these last few months, the changes have nevertheless taken place through press releases from the Elysée.

Realignment of government : a chronology

Several members of the ministerial team have been replaced over the months by Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Philippe, giving rise to changes, sometimes significant, and often technical, but each one after a significant crisis at the top of the State. From the beginning of the quinquennium, the Modem François Bayrou and Marielle de Sarnez, but also the faithful macroniste (which has since become president of the Assembly) Richard Ferrand are forced to leave the government, either under investigation of the justice. The first two are suspected for the alleged ‘ghost’ employees to the european Parliament, the third for the so-called case of “Mutual of Britain”.

cabinet Reshuffle of June 21, 2017. After the parliamentary elections, it is customary for the government to present its resignation. The one that followed the legislative elections of June 2017 will be already the opportunity to make “adjustments”. On June 21, the keeper of the Seals and minister of State François Bayrou is replaced by Nicole Belloubet, while Marielle de Sarnez, european Affairs officer, gives its place to Nathalie Loiseau. The minister for the Armed forces, Modem it also, Sylvie Goulard, is replaced by Florence Parly. Richard Ferrand, the short-lived minister of Territorial Cohesion, yields his place to Jacques Mézard. The latter, which was already in government, will be replaced at Agriculture by Stéphane Travert another little new in this government-Philippe 2.

cabinet Reshuffle of November 24, 2017. Christophe Castaner, until now minister of Relations with Parliament and spokesman of the government, leaves this second function. He comes indeed to be elected as a delegate-general of the Republic on the basis of a presidential decree. It will be replaced at the porte-parolat by Benjamin Griveaux, which was previously State secretary Bruno Le Maire at Bercy. Delphine Gény-Stephann between the government, with the minister of Economy. The former socialist Olivier Dussopt also take advantage of this mini-reshuffle to become secretary of State to the minister of the Action and of the public Accounts, Gérald Darmanin.

cabinet Reshuffle of 4 September 2018. On August 28, 2018, at a few days of the season, Nicolas Hulot announces on France Inter, his resignation from the government. Little is listened to in its ministry of Transition, the victim of trade-offs against, and “unfortunate” or “ill at ease” it is said in its functions, the former host of TF1 leaves the ship by surprise, sending a scathing wake-up call for the planet. It is the president of the national Assembly, François de Rugy, a former member of EELV that he had left in 2016, which is named minister of the Environment. This reshuffle, small in size, but heavy politically, also sees Laura Flessel, resign, by surprise also. The ancient fencer is replaced by a swimmer, Roxana Maracineanu, the ministry of Sports.

cabinet Reshuffle of October 16, 2018. This is another surprise resignation, which is at the origin of the reshuffle of October 2018. This time, it is nothing less than the minister of the Interior, Gérard Collomb, the first supports policies Emmanuel Macron, who slams the door on 3 October. Echaudé by the case of Benalla, which has rotted the been of the executive, Gérard Collomb had indicated its willingness to be a candidate in the local elections in Lyon, the city he has led for years, before joining the government. Minister of State, first in the protocol order after Edouard Philippe, Gérard Collomb, will therefore insist, is to leave the government, despite the official refusal and adamant the Elysee. A blow to Emmanuel Macron. After a long interim of Edouard Philippe and a floating period, it is eventually replaced at Place Beauvau by Christophe Castaner.This redesign changes a little more deeply the government with the arrival of Franck Riester, ministry of Culture, replacing Françoise Nyssen, Didier Guillaume in Agriculture in place of Stéphane Travert, Jacqueline Gourault to the Cohesion of the territories, in replacement of Jacques Mézard. Delphine Gény-Stephann, it exits out of lready the new government. Other adjustments will take place, including the appointment of new secretaries of State : Gabriel Attal Education, Lawrence Nuñez Inside, Christelle Dubos to the Solidarity and Health, Agnès Pannier-Runacher Economics and Emmanuelle Wargon to the Ecology.

cabinet Reshuffle of 31 march 2019. After the resignation of Nathalie Loiseau, minister of european Affairs, part lead the list LREM for the elections to the european Parliament, Emmanuel Macron wished to make a clarification in his government, separating himself from the spokesman Benjamin Griveau, but also that of its counterpart in the Digital Mounir Mahjoubi, all of the two candidates for the municipal to Paris. For the porte-parolat government, it is Sibeth Ndiaye, counsellor for press and communication of the head of State, who has been chosen. Faithful of the first hour, she began working for Emmanuel Macron when he was in Bercy. For the secretariat of State in charge of digital, it’s Cedric O who was appointed. This thirty-year-old was also part of the first circle macroniste, it so far had the charge of advising the president on economic issues. Finally, the mp LREM Amélie de Montchalin has been appointed to the position of ministers for european Affairs. The elected the Essonne was appreciated by the executive, in particular for his profile of a good student, serious, applied, which has demonstrated a real mastery of the folders on which it invests.

List of ministers and secretaries of State of the government Philippe Minister of State, minister of the Interior : Christophe Castaner Minister of the ecological Transition and solidarity, minister of Transport : Elizabeth Terminal Garde des Sceaux, minister of Justice : Nicole Belloubet Minister of Europe and foreign Affairs : Jean-Yves Le Drian Minister for the Armed forces : Florence Parly Minister of Territories : Jacqueline Gourault Minister of Solidarity and Health : Agnès Buzyn Minister of Economy and Finance : Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Culture : Franck Riester, Minister of Labour : Muriel Pénicaud Minister of national Education and the Youth : Jean-Michel Blanquer Minister of Agriculture and Food : Didier Guillaume, Minister of the Action and of public Accounts : Gérald Darmanin Minister of the overseas : Annick Girardin, Minister of Sports : Roxana Maracineanu Ministers under guardianship of the Minister in charge of Relations with Parliament : Marc Fesneau Minister of higher Education, Research and Innovation : Frédérique Vidal, Minister in charge of european Affairs : Amélie de Montchalin Minister in charge of Communities : Sébastien Lecornu Minister in charge of the City and Housing : Julien Denormandie secretaries of State Secretary of State to the minister of the Interior : Laurent Nuñez Secretary of State to the minister of Economy and Finance : Cedric O Secretary of State to the minister of Economy and Finance : Agnès Pannier-Runacher Secretary of State to the minister of the ecological Transition : Emmanuelle Wargon Secretary of State to the minister of the ecological Transition : Brune Poirson Secretary of State to the minister of Solidarity and Health : Christelle Dubos Secretary of State to the minister of Education : Gabriel Attal Secretary of State to the minister for Europe and foreign Affairs : Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne Secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men : Marlène Schiappa Secretary of State responsible for Persons with disabilities : Sophie Cluzel Secretary ofState to the minister for the Armed forces : Geneviève Darrieussecq Secretary of State in charge of Child Protection : Adrien Cleat Secretary of State, spokesperson : Sibeth Ndiaye Article the most-read – messages mocking the death of Steve ? “See the news