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Experts discover data leakage, Kaspersky-anti-virus


In the anti-virus Software, Kaspersky has have produced even greater diversity to the analysis of the magazine “c’t” over the years, a data leak that compromised the privacy of the users.

Therefore would be able to spy on the attacker about the user when Surfing, tells the magazine in its current issue (18/19). Even the incognito mode of a browser, I have changed nothing, writes “c’t”editor Ronald Eikenberg. Affected all versions of the Software for private Windows users, as well as packages for small businesses should be.

according to The analysis, the anti-virus Software infiltrates when Calling a website an individual Code in the HTML Code, regardless of which Browser you use. The script was apparently responsible for green shields behind Google search hits to display when a Link according to estimates by Kaspersky and is clean. The script was to identify each user uniquely. “So far, I knew this behavior only from Online Banking Trojans,” writes Eikenberg. This also meant that any Website could read the Kaspersky set ID Code, and even to Track abuse.

After the “c’t”, – informed the Russian manufacturer about the Problem, has Kaspersky confirmed the leak. According to the “c’t” from the manufacturer, however, that actual abuse is unlikely, because a possible attack was “too complex and not profitable enough for cyber criminals”. Since June, Kaspersky has a Patch and also released an official safety notice, in the the Problem and the solution is described.

After the Patch, the Kaspersky Software, there is a lock, however, is still a script with an ID, it is, in the “c’t”. However, this ID is now identical for all users – individual users could not be identified. The attacker, however, could still figure out whether a visitor has installed the Kaspersky Software on his System and how old it is approximately. This Information could be used to start a software that is tailored pest attack.

Who wants to be on the safe side, you should disable the responsible functions in the settings of the Kaspersky Software, recommends the magazine. There, the Kaspersky can be said program, a “script to interact with web pages in the traffic” to integrate.

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