shopping With a few clicks on the Internet and comfortable with the credit-card numbers – as of mid-September, the more complicated it is. In addition to the data on the credit card buyers will identify themselves with a further security feature such as an additional password, or a fingerprint using a Smartphone. Some of the purchase might fail, because the payment can’t be processed – so anyway, the fear of trade. Because of the implementation of the new requirements, it crunches huge.

The EU is to ensure greater security for online banking and Pay in the network. The rules of the EU payment Directive (PSD 2), the from 14. September apply, to make cheaters life harder. Consumers have to identify themselves when Paying and banking transactions on the Internet therefore, in addition to Two – factor authentication.

The credit card alone is not enough

so Far, the credit card number, expiration date and three digit verification code when Paying on the net was enough. Now, a second factor needs to be added, for example, a TAN (transaction number), a password, a Smartphone of transmitted fingerprint or face recognition. In some of the banks that are still in use TAN lists on paper are not allowed.

Many dealers are not able to convert your Internet shop in a timely manner to customer education was necessary, says Ulrich Binnebößel by the trade Association Germany (HDE). “Two-factor authentication is significantly more complicated, most consumers do not know it. The trade must explain to the customer, because the banks carry out this task partly unsatisfactory”, criticized Binnebößel. The HDE calls for a uniform transition period of 18 months in the European Union. A shift is currently, however, little probably. Not too many weeks remain until the Start of the 14. September.

Although trade, payment service providers and banks since the adoption of the EU Directive in the year 2015 to meet the new requirements. But the technical Details published by the European banking authority (EBA) in March 2018, this would have drawn more questions, describes Binnebößel the Situation.

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The devil is always in the Detail. Banks and savings banks that issue credit cards, set the additional security element. You decide whether your customers need to use when Paying with the card in the network, for example, in addition to a password, a fingerprint, or a Code you get via SMS. In the case of smaller purchases under 30 euros, the money houses can do without it. You can also allow customers an individual Internet shops as safe to be classified. Then the second security feature is also eliminated. “The System of the Online merchant must be able to take all this into account. This is for traders not easy,” says Binnebößel.

The HDE fears that small online retailers are under pressure and customers migrating annoyed when from 14. September, Paying by credit card does not work in the network smoothly. “As a result, large Online might expand the platforms their Position,” warns Binnebößel. According to a survey conducted by the Cologne-based retail research Institute EHI 82 percent of the Online fear in General, dealer terminations because of the increased complexity of more Purchase.

The Association of E-Commerce and mail order trade Germany (bevh) also proposes a transition period of at least 18 months. “A month before the closing date, the failure of the implementation of strong customer authentication to technical problems on the part of the Bank,” the Association argues.

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The German banking industry sees, however, especially the trade on the train. Banks and savings banks have launched their preparations for the implementation of the requirements at an early stage and is almost completed. “It is important, however, that even the traders with online business in turn, make their preparations in time”, explains the interest representation of the associations of banks and savings banks. The Online retailer decide whether the System will support. “This is currently not yet sufficiently the case.”

does Not exclude, therefore, that some of the online shopper on may 14. September desperately. There is the possibility, however, remains still to pay for the shopping online, by invoice or direct debit.

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