Finding the right winter chain is not an easy task. How to choose tire chains after figuring out the right size involves understanding the clearance of your vehicle. Clearance refers to the space between the top of the tire and the wheel arch. In order to avoid the chain coming in contact with the braking system and the bodywork, how to choose tire chains that favor vehicles with limited clearance should be the top priority. You should go for link chains or cable snow chains such as:

  • Security Chain Company SZ143 Super Z6 Cable Tire Chain
  • Security Chain Company SC1032 Radial Chain Cable Traction Tire Chain
  • Konig CB-12 Snow Chains

It could be stressful to have to jack the vehicle up to install the chains but with link chains and cable snow chains, motorists with restricted clearance vehicles are now able to fit their chains without having to move the car.

Certain tire chains offer greater traction than others and this is as a result of their link patterns. Diagonal link snow chains are known to offer the greatest traction, diamond shape tire chains and ladder style tire chains offer the least traction, while square link chains come in behind diagonal link chains and just above diamond and ladder style chains.

For greater traction, consider;

  • Konig  XG-12 pro snow chains
  • ATV UTV European Style Diamond Net Tire Chains

Certain snow chains are more difficult to fit than others. In emergencies, an easily installable tire chain can be a lifesaver. Try out;

  • Dolloly snow tire chains
  • Sanku 2018 upgraded snow tire chains
  • Pretty Queen Easy to Install Tire Chains

These chains consist of 4 or 5 pairs of pads that pass through the wheel and strap onto the tire. They are super easy to install, their strap adjustments make them a universal fit (suitable for all tire sizes) and in contrast to most other tire chains, they are easy to store.

Some other quality chains include:

  • Terraking Terragrips tire chains – for tractors and similar vehicles
  • Quality chain cobra cable snow tire chains – for smaller cars.

Whichever snow chain you decide to go for, it is imperative that they befitted correctly.

Snow chains are very essential during the winter season, especially when driving in areas with constant snowfall or icy surfaces. In place of winter tires, they are the best devices for generating additional traction. They are made from sturdy metal and neither corrode nor wear out easily. They range from below $50 to above $250, so you are sure to find one that is in your budget.

So, read the content above if you don’t know how to choose tire chains.