Google is a significant step in the development of quantum computers. With the help of his processor Sycamore is it possible to do a calculation in 200 seconds, the currently fastest Supercomputer in 10,000 years would require, the researchers write in a Wednesday report published in the science Journal “Nature”. Thus, the Demonstration had managed the “quantum supremacy” for the first time.

The term refers to the Moment in which a quantum computer solves a complex task that can not be handled by a conventional Computer in a reasonable period of time. The evidence also researchers had been involved from Jülich, told the research center on Wednesday. With the help of simulations, the results were verified, and the performance of the processor, which consists of 53 functional Qubits, have been determined. It was to Detect and Analyze highly complex, randomly generated pattern, would have been overwhelmed for a conventional Computer. The simulations of quantum circuits have been used in addition to Google’s Cloud servers and the currently most powerful Supercomputer in the world, Summit of IBM, the jülich Supercomputer jewel.

Bits and Qubits

for decades, scientists search for new Ways in computer technology. Also in the development of quantum computers being worked on for a long time. Of them, the researchers hope that certain computational tasks can be performed much faster than with classical computers. While in the case of a binary Computer, the smallest units, the Bits are called, either the state 0 or 1 to accept, follow the “Qubits” of a quantum computer by the laws of quantum mechanics, you can represent multiple States at the same time.

This Paradox is true even in theoretical physics today as a challenge. Google boss Sundar Pichai quoted in his Blog entry, the American physicist and Nobel laureate Richard Feynman: “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, one understands quantum mechanics.”

a Lot of discussion among the scientists

Pichai is in view of the potentially reached milestone modest. Meanwhile, the American technology giant IBM is playing – even for a long time in the quantum computer research is involved, the success achieved something and says, in the account of Google was a mistake. The same task with a classical System, already in 2.5 days is solvable, write the researchers in a Blog post for the group.

Prior to about four weeks of the specialist contribution of the Google researchers had appeared before. He had been for a short time on the Websites of the American space Agency, NASA, available, shortly after that, however, disappeared again. This had already caused a lot of discussion among scientists.

Ultimately is likely to touch Google’s breakthrough in quantum computing for the everyday use of computers hardly, also because the machines can not be reduced because of the required low temperatures and vacuum conditions on handy devices. For the scientists it was a “Hello world”Moment you have been waiting for, writes Pichai. But between the laboratory results and practical applications of tomorrow a long way to go still. “It will take many years until we can implement a wider range of real-world applications.”

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