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“, Now press X for sex” read. The camera fades in to play music begins to suggest the erotic. As the camera aufblendet again, two bodies in a bed, eyes strangely lifeless. With a physically impossible movement of the body, one to roll on the body two. Sexual intercourse successfully completed, achievement unlocked.

about Sex in many video games. Of a interactive movie like Heavy Rain up to an action game like God of war, in the Sex on mini-games: rapidly press the right button to allow the camera to drift coyly and, therefore, makes it clear that now is Sex. The long and storied history of pure sex games unnoticed, is the act, often outside of the basic game mechanics. It can only be accomplished if the players have previously selected the right dialogue options. After the active attempt of the players to get to this point, you are then in passivity trapped: Before them, a movie plays, and as a reward for the effort the players are allowed to have Sex.

Mass Effect: Andromeda is the game that currently has the surely thankless task is to say, the Sex in video play a piece forward. The developer BioWare is known for, complex love and relationship systems in his games and has spoken in the run-up to the publication repeatedly.

Starting with an extensive character editor, players can fine-tune the guiding figure to your identity. Gender, skin color, body shape, anything is possible. While playing, you can decide then whether or not the character is gay, lesbian or pansexual.

Overhead to have to Play the protagonists in BioWare, like Mass Effect: Andromeda or Dragon Age: Inquisition, of course, only that you have to save the world – you are a Savior with a variable gender and sexuality.


characters, However, offer these games, a certain freedom in the Shaping of their main play. Through the selection of various options for action – the players decide rather with the heart or the brain? Are you impulsive or deliberate? – a protagonist according to the wishes of the player to construct. Love and sexuality are a part of this construct.

In many discussions, and small side missions Mass Effect: Andromeda allowed, relationships with several characters. As the Hobby of someone to get to know it, for example, by playing Skat. Or, the best friend must be visited in order to get their consent. In short, even until it comes to the first hand-holding, must have pressed the player that quite often the buttons, and think about how your character and possibly even you yourself act and react. For Mass Effect: provides Andromeda with more choices than any of its predecessors – after all, it is already the fourth part of the series. A complex network of relationships, including polyamory, or Pansexualität, can be spun in this game so wordy.

During but sexuality and love are embedded in a great conversation and discursive precision, determined the Sex, rather by the lack of a voice.