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Why do we play? Need to make digital games are fun? It is always the speech from the game, or? . In the 1990s, which could be even measured, expertly, in percent. The business simulation Zapitalism Deluxe was – despite her interesting Name in the German computer magazine Power Play game just 48 per cent game fun. Not even half a game fun. How must you imagine that? You had 100 minutes played only 48 minutes fun? Or you had to Play continuously, only half of the fun? Or the percentage needs to be allocated to the potential amount of the game inside of 100 buyers would only have 48 while Playing fun? The Definition of the term remains unclear.

In the relevant Internet forums, the game is “fun” but it remains a basic requirement. A game that makes no fun, to have failed of its purpose, you can read here and there still. Granted, some of the incorrigible journalists want to know better and claim that fun is not a mandatory requirement for games. They point to a successful Serious and Indie Games. Immediately the replica of some of the Erzürnter follows, as here, of a player by the name R19A78D: “Who can relax because in the case of such a ‘Play’ after a hard day’s work? I don’t. And for games there are. At least in my view.”

What games are actually there? This article appeared in the current issue of the magazine “WASD”, in Essays with Games. In this edition it’s all about fun in Games. © WASD

Good question: What are games? In terms of how much time we now spend with the Play, we ask ourselves the Central question of meaning is comparatively rare. The human game break provides engines for a Long time, head. For more than 2,000 years, men have found themselves again and again – for adults, women remained excluded for the longest time from the Play, trying to grasp the sense of playing in words: fun, Learning, escapism? Like is cited, for example, a passage in a text of Aristotle, as here, in a Translation of Johann Georg locksmith from the late 18th century. Century: “So, the game is rather in the work itself, not the leisure to be useful; for the bey of the work of the guy wire, the rest is necessary, and the game is added to the brought forces to unbend. No work is without effort; that’s why you have to by the game, if time allows, a recreation, such as a Arzney.” How R19A78D Aristotle sees the meaning of Play in the relaxation. He goes further in his Argument, but consistently, and that would not be R19A78D maybe not so right.

to read The relaxation, thus, serves to renew the working forces of the people – that is, the recreation of the work in the truest sense of the word. Of his time, snatched from and to our everyday world killed that would mean that only those who has a rest in the evening during the shooting of the terrorists and to the plant of virtual geraniums, also the next Morning, full of fervor in the hands, can spit, so the gross increase in social product. Max Weber’s Protestant work ethic in its purest form. The entire human existence is in this reading – which is also operated unconsciously by R19A78D – work. Life, to work, to play, to work.

The Translator locksmith, himself a writer, showed at least in a footnote, his enthusiasm for Aristotle’s thesis: “The philosopher […] is different as fine and sharp-witted misuse of the game, he finds in it, if you are looking for the enjoyment in the game; and the use of the same, he has just in the recovery, the effort slackened forces.”

“Amusement is the prolongation of work”

The philosopher Theodor Wiesengrund Adorno and Max Horkheimer, the connection between the leisure of the observed behavior and the world of work is particularly critical:”Amusement is the prolongation of work under late capitalism”, they were in the dialectic of enlightenment. Naturally, the two had no computer games in mind. But we just still short, as Adorno plays at one of Fallout 4, because he tries for hours to bring the illumination of his base to Run, or how Horkheiminator1895 his time looking for so-and-so many Irgendwaserzen on a applies in addition to the mission of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Adorno saw the possibilities for self-determination of our leisure time according to pessimistic. Our society does not allow this, because”no spark of Reflection is allowed to fall into leisure time, because he skip else in the world of work and in Brand could. While the structure of work and pleasure each other are always similar, and separates them at the same time, by invisible lines of demarcation becoming more and more strict. From both desire and spirit were cast alike.” Adorno’s critical findings of capitalist society on games: In the logic of commercialized cultural policy, art and critical introspection in the Play have lost nothing, because If we looked accidentally in Play with political or social problems, could happen to anything else. Just imagine, a bevy of politicized young people who is just frustrated in elections at home, but your own opinion.

Adorno and Horkheimer, such an industrially produced culture is understood as a basic evil of your/our time, which robs the people by the mere imitation of reality, the imagination and the ability to Think. Far better to Adorno and Horkheimer has fallen because the “authentic culture”, which aims to go beyond the reality.