It was only three months that they were working together. Virginie Calmels, former number two of the Republicans, and the real estate group Barnes, who was recruited in mid-march, have announced the end of their collaboration of separate releases, Monday. The group of luxury refers to “major dissensions” while the ex-president of Barnes France claims to have resigned.

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“as of June 24, 2019, Thibault de Saint Vincent has all the functions of CEO, replacing Virginie Calmels, coming to office on 11 march, 2019 and whose functions cease immediately,” the company announced in a press release. “Following major dissensions between Virginie Calmels, and the shareholders, this decision became inevitable”, is added.

“Taking immediate effect,”

In a separate press release, sent it in stride, Virginie Calmels has assured to have resigned, because of disagreement on the report made by his care, with the aim to “structure the group” and to “rectify certain malfunctions”.

“After the refusal of the shareholders on Thursday, 21” June, “reiterated Friday the 22nd, I guarantee their agreement for the implementation of the corrective measures recommended, I (…) have not had other choice than to stop all my functions, with immediate effect”. The ex-head of the LR, in a second press release sent Monday evening, has announced that “seek justice” against the majority shareholder of the group, Barnes, Thibault de Saint Vincent.

This reference refers to “various losses” suffered “on account of the acts and declarations to be false and defamatory perpetrated” by Thibault de Saint Vincent, she added.

According to information released Monday morning by Challenges and Business Immo, a “home visit” ordered by the tax administration took place on June 13 at the group’s head Barnes in Neuilly-sur-Seine, as well as the homes of the shareholders of Heidi Barnes and Thibault de Saint Vincent.

searches carried out by the brigade financière

according To Virginie Calmels, the report made by him, bearing on the “situation legal/financial and tax of the group,” would have been seized by the financial guard at the home of Thibault de Saint-Vincent.

“Since the searches of very large magnitude carried out by the financial brigade, in particular the parisian home alleged of Mr. Thibault de St Vincent”, the latter is “in panic”, says the former elected in its press release.

“I would like to clarify that I am not affected personally by this ‘series of raids’, the legal investigation course aimed primarily at shareholders, for alleged facts that occurred prior to my arrival in the group,” she adds.

Virginie Calmels had become a joint shareholder and also had taken the head of entities, Barnes International and Barnes Hospitality. It was a mission of “create the first great brand of the luxury world in the field of services”.

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in Addition to the high-end real estate, the real estate company founded almost 20 years ago is present in the council’s art and heritage, the council in transaction sales and rentals of yachts, sale of vineyards, hunts, and stables, the architecture and interior decoration. In 2018, its sales have reached nearly 4.9 billion euros.

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Virginie Calmels, former number two of RL, joined a group luxury real estate Virginie Calmels, the casting error Between the Wauquiez and Calmels, it is always the war

Before engaging in politics in 2014 and become the first assistant of Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux, Virginie Calmels, 48 years old, had successively served as financial director of Numericable, the chief executive officer of Canal+, boss of Endemol France and then ceo of Endemol world.