The evaluation of migration statistics, with the help of the Federal government responds to the Ministry of the interior to a Minor Interpellation of the FDP. Nearly 150,000 people have left Germany by a funded exit, 102.000 more have been deported since 2013.

But it could have been much more: Currently, approximately 58,000 people in Germany, whose asylum application has been refused and which could be deported under current law immediately. 6594 deportations have failed since 2013, because pilots refused to carry out the Transport, or the asylum seekers were or not flight-capable.

the Dublin-deportations

But not only in the case of the deportations it hooks, but especially in the case of the guides in the framework of the Dublin procedure. Therefore, the procedure of the country of registration is for the Refugees to be responsible. So far, only about 31,000 people were deported in an EU country and the approval of the competent country although nearly 185,000 (as of 30. September 2018). The reasons for this are, according to the BMI varied.

1. To strict deadlines

transfers according to the Dublin regulation to strict deadlines. Because Germany has to lead back to the Person after the receipt of the consent within a period of six months in the third country. Only in exceptional cases, there are extensions. The return is not effected within the deadlines, is committed to the responsible EU member state for inclusion of the Person concerned. In how many cases the deadlines were not met, it is not apparent from the evaluation.

2. The discretion clause

admission is The discretion clause, the so-called self-legislation, each member state has the possibility to move from humanitarian, procedures, economic or family reasons, the responsibility for an asylum procedure.

3. Factual barriers

in Accordance with the requirements of the German administrative jurisdiction must ensure that the target state of an asylum procedure, which complies with the EU directives. However, this is not often the case. Back tours to Hungary, according to the BMI currently not possible, after Greece and Bulgaria are restricted. A statement of the reasons the evaluation was not. Dublin transfers are also associated with a great deal of organizational effort between the authorities of the participating member States. However, not all countries have enough personnel to ensure the.

to prevent But also domestic hurdles to back tours: the Person, the inaction of the competent foreigners authorities, medical incapacity to travel, reduced transport options, and the waiver of the enforcement of the obligation to leave the country due to the Kirchenasyls diving.

Since 2013, Germany renounced due to the discretion clause and the de facto barriers to around 65,000 Dublin transfers.

criticism of the Federal government

“The Federal government has not succeeded until today, to ensure the deportation of rejected asylum-seekers,” says the FDP interior expert Linda Teuteberg. It therefore calls for a reorientation of immigration policy. “The Federal government must take the lead, in particular, for the deportation of Gefährdern, the construction and operation of detention facilities. The eternal competence to resolve the confusion between Federal, state and local governments, must create a great migration summit, finally, clarity in tasks and Finance.“

Federal Ministry of the interior announced measures to

, The BMI confirmed plans for a greater utilization of deportation flights or a chip system for the control of asylum seekers. The proposals are intended to serve, according to the Ministry”, is still faster and easier than in the past, the people in the asylum procedure, the competent EU country to surrender”.

part of the Considerations was an increase in the application of a night-time reporting requirement. This is to ensure that deportation the aliens encountered by the authorities. Furthermore, asylum seekers in reception and repatriation centres to pick up your Mail only with a Chip. This registered, when rejected asylum-seekers receive the Expulsion order, and have picked up or whether they are about submerged.


With airlines should also be agreed, such as the courts for deportation better to be utilized. Airline tickets should be without assignment to a specific Person as a “No-Name-reservation”. The deportation should not come in a case that could be set so that the other deportees Bender on the flight.

in Addition to employed Doctors in community accommodation, and anchor centres for rejected asylum seekers about faster, the ability to travel check.

in the Future, there should be a nationwide online platform that lists, for example, dates for Charter flights. All authorities involved should be able to access the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) or the Federal police. At the same time, for the transfer of competent authorities in each state to control deportations better.

In the FOCUS Online is A project in Munich shows how Integration in Germany, the dpa can succeed with Material