The native of Marbach, Friedrich Schiller, had a weakness for games. Always on Sundays and in the evenings he sat with his philosopher colleague, Schelling, and niethammer in Jena and L’hombre, a card played game, the in 14. Century is said to have originated in Spain, and in so many different variants existed that could not agree at the outset on the rules on specially purchased as a game table, in which there was even oval-shaped depressions for the game of money. For Schiller the game is released, especially since the aesthetic, the people from the domination of the mere concept, will shatter the shackles of blind necessity. Every game has rules, but it is always more than just a rule. In contrast to Goethe, wanted to make sense of the idea of the game never needed and Schiller sought to the dispersion in order to reactivate reserves for own work. Only there, where the man plays, he is free.