DEBATE NATIONAL – The grand national debate is invited on the tray to Balance your position. Marlène Schiappa, participating in the issuance of Cyril Hanouna, has drawn criticism. The facilitator believes its approach “sincere”.

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[updated January 25, 2019 at 12: 50] The controversy has lasted throughout the week, but Marlène Schiappa will be there this Friday night at 22h10 on the Balance plate from your post, the issue of debate with Cyril Hanouna. The secretary of State in charge of Equality between women and men is going to meet with “representatives of the French people”, live for over an hour and a half, in what looks like an extension of television from the great national debate initiated recently. While the approach may sound healthy, critics have not failed to happen as soon as the announcement of the co-facilitation of the issuance by Marlène Schiappa, such as C8, which broadcasts the show, has somewhat yielded to the pressure by downgrading the member of the government to the rank of a witness, and more co-facilitator.

in Short, the controversy is installed. The opposition is not private to castigate the coming of a political personality of the first rank in an emission image if clivante, denouncing a mix of genres is unhealthy. Cyril Hanouna, in an interview granted to 20 Minutes, attempted to extinguish the fire. The host star of C8 was first obliged to clarify that yes, the difference is major between his daily program, Key not at my post, theatre of blunders of all kinds, and its weekly Balance your position. “People think that it is going to come in Touch not my post. They have not understood anything… She comes into Balance your post, which has always been an issue of debate,” explains Hanouna. And to justify the coming of Marlène Schiappa : “maybe I’m wrong, but I found that it had no contempt. When she called me to offer me this issue, she seemed to be sincere”.

The principle of the issue is simple. The French selected to participate in the televised debate, that the promises from all walks of life to submit ideas to the minister, who will carry the voice to the government. “There are a lot of people watching the show by Cyril Hanouna. It is necessary to consider them also and make them part of this great discussion,” explained recently Schiappa, quoted by Liberation. His initiative is apparently supported to 100% by Emmanuel Macron, with whom Cyril Hanouna said, “get along” in July 2017 in The World.

learn more Great national debate : the topics

The Elysée has identified the great national debate four major themes. In his letter to the French, Emmanuel Macron has well-defined : “taxation and public spending, the organisation of the State and of public services, the ecological transition, democracy and citizenship”. And to add : “On each of these topics, proposals, questions are already being raised. I would like to formulate a few that do not exhaust the debate, but which seem to me to be at the heart of our questioning. […] We will not agree on everything, this is normal, this is democracy,” he wrote. For his part, the prime minister said the four major themes with four questions, which should be those that one will find on the website of the great debate :

How best to assist the French in their daily life to stay, to move, to heat ? How to make our tax system more fair, more efficient, more competitive and more readable ? How to change the practice of democracy and citizenship ? How to change the organization of the State and of public services to make them more close to the French and more efficient ? Great national debate : the place

The executive to account, particularly on the mayors of France to raise grievances and for the organisation of public debates. The government calls upon the councillors to ensure the smooth operation of exchanges, including through the provision of citizens of the municipality to ensure that the meetings are held publicly under the best of conditions, but local elected officials are not all enthusiastic to organize all of the discussions and sometimes fear of having to embody a form of guarantee to the initiative of the president. The digital platform allows you to list the places of meeting in each department.

What are the dates for the grand national debate ?

The national debate has opened formally on January 15, 2019 and that it lasts until march 15, 2019. The public meeting dates are to be determined locally, by the mayors or by the citizens ready to engage in this direction. All dates are to be found on the website of the grand national debate.

How to participate in the great debate ?

everyone is invited to give its opinion and formulate proposals on the site which was launched on Tuesday 15 January. An information number has been established, it is the 0800 97 11 11. The national public debate Commission has developed a methodology in a document. “Anyone can organize a debate, to the scale of the neighbourhood, the commune, the region, an association with the help of a kit for the conduct of the discussion,” said the government. Practical information on the meetings publiqsiu, as the place, the date and also the number of participants must be communicated one week before they are held.

grievances even before the debate

Since the month of December, the French were invited to visit their town hall to fulfill the cahiers de doléances. A first synthesis has been carried out by a twenty-prefects, and the latter, addressed to the government, has been consulted by The Figaro. The media indicates that almost a common on nine proposed a cahier of grievances at the disposal of residents – that is, between 3000 and 5000 common. It is quite a few, but the number of contributions can be in spite of everything a first idea of the claims that will speak in the great national debate. The synthesis thus appear several subjects that come back very regularly : the remuneration of senior civil servants and national elected officials considered to be too high, the status of highways, the tax and the tax on financial transactions, but also the 80 km/h on national roads, and immigration.

What do they think of the yellow vests ?

Difficult to know if the majority of the yellow vests are excited to participate in the great national debate. It is not part of the claims being hammered in the mobilizations throughout France. However, this outstretched hand of the government should be taken. On social networks, many expressed their desire to participate. On the page Facebook “to France in anger”, which has become one of the pages referring to the movement, message and call to take advantage of this debate to request the establishment of an initiative referendum in the Constitution, but also to claim a rapid decline and substantial level of taxes, particularly on products of first necessity.

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