The jungle of digital platforms, it’s almost finished. Franck Riester, the minister of Culture, is well decided to whistle the end of recess. “We need to reaffirm our cultural sovereignty, sustain our French model of creation, our commitment to freedom and diversity of creation,” he insisted Tuesday at a luncheon of the Association of journalists mass media. And the tenant of the Rue de Valois has foreseen, in the future broadcasting law, an arsenal of measures to achieve it. And if Netflix, Amazon, or tomorrow AppleTV+, Disney+, refuse to comply, the law will go as far as to cut off access to these services in France. “I think that we are not going to this extreme, but it is necessary to know what one wants,” said the minister.

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one of The main components of the draft law will address the regulation of the american giants of the video. The battle plan of the …

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