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Unfortunately, there is no prize for the prettiest video game. Far Cry would win it otherwise for sure on a regular basis. The entire series, since its launch in 2004, beautifully. The new part of Far Cry New Dawn: How the remnants of civilization are overgrown by mosses and Violets! Dramatically, the sun forests, shines through the book and signed sharp-edged light spots on the forest floor. In the sky, the green Northern lights glow pale, as you can see, you actually only in Iceland, or Spitzbergen, but certainly not in a fictional Montana. The Foliage part is yellow, although the height of summer must be, finally, the Jasmine is in bloom at the same time.

The game is this is the reality no matter. The Northern lights are even on a bright day is clearly visible. The main thing, everything looks spectacular. The audacity is commendable, no other media dares the. Probably those who do not forget the main mission completely. The might be better.

The, much shortened, so: Eleven years after the end of the Story of Far Cry 5 atomic bombs have devastated the earth, the last people had to flee to Bunker; there they tarried for six long years. In New Dawn – translated as: the dawn of a new day – are you coming back to the surface and build small villages. One of them, Prosperity is the community of the Game. It meets Carmina Rye, something like the protagonist, and Thomas Rush, a kind of Robin Hood. The end of the Game actually controls more of a minor character that can be male or female, and as a particularly tough campaigner, the small municipality supports.

Because, of course, the community must be the attack of evil people avoid, specially in the Highwaymen, a marauding gang of Punks, the power everywhere, the country is uncertain. Their leaders, the twins, Mickey and Lou, want to destroy the community of Rye, Rush and the players themselves (apparently, you have to destroy, but also much that is different, because you only look every few hours of game time over).

A Game for gamers

The Game is an “Open World Action Adventure First Person Shooter” (such a complicated Genre-drawers today sometimes), but on the part “Open World” you have to think again. This term means that can move the Game in the game world. You can here, but it feels pointless. Who are the main not followed good story, quickly loses the thread. Because at some point the narrative begins to pulping rank, elements from other, Far-Cry-Share. Suddenly, you have to look for Joseph’s Seed, the maniac cult leader from Far Cry 5. And not only that. The Neanderthals from Far Cry Primal, there seems to be also, they do not inhabit here and there, a cave, speak, do a but also nothing.

This Refer to other parts of the series is somehow. Far Cry has long been a universe. The game has five main parts and seven offshoots. Around it has developed a cultural cosmos. There are already three novels, as well as a maximum of a trashy movie from Uwe Boll with Til Schweiger in the lead role barren. Who wants to get in with a New Dawn in the Far Cry series, it is made so, however, is really hard. You can probably say that the game is aimed more at Hardcore gamers, and Nerds, who are willing, in a world of descending.