more and More people in the world have bad eyes. This Trend, the world health organization (WHO) says due to changes in living and working habits of the people. The proportion of people with visual impairments, due to the higher life expectancy of the waxes, because of vision problems with age increase. On the other, less Outdoor exercise, and more time on screens – Computer, TV, do, game consoles, mobile phones – more and more people writes short-sighted, WHO for the world day of vision (10. October). Also, the growing number of Diabetes sufferers concern for more eye diseases: Diabetic often developed skin damage to the network.

Orrin Hatch US Senator is not off glasses, which he wears at all – the network responds to fantastic failures in the billions

More than a billion people around the world must be according to the WHO, with impairment of vision of life, the eliminated with some simple resources or intervention would have prevented. This is about Short – or far-sightedness, a gray or green Star. The productivity loss in the year is estimated solely by uncorrected myopia will to $ 244 billion (222 billion Euro). Many short-sighted people cannot perform certain activities without correction.

In many low-income countries, a lack of eye doctors and treatment options. A total of 2.2 billion people – have visual impairments and more than one in four – according to the report, or are blind. 65 million are blind due to untreated cataracts, and at least 800 million people are in need of glasses, contact lenses or other vision correction AIDS, so that your poor eyes affect your life as little as possible.

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