brings The Google sister company Waymo your robot car for the first time in the chronic traffic congestion in Los Angeles.

they wanted To explore how the vehicles fit into the traffic environment, the second-largest U.S. city, said Waymo in the night to Tuesday. Traditionally, the cars create the first human-controlled high-precision maps, before you go into Autonomous operation.

Waymo walked out of the Google robot car project, which brought together approximately a decade ago, its first self-driving cars on U.S. roads. In the meantime, converted people carriers of the model are Chrysler Pacifica for Waymo in San Francisco and the Google hometown of Mountain View on the road. In a suburb of the city of Phoenix, in the neighboring state of Arizona, the company is also building a first commercial Robotaxi Service.

Los Angeles sat more on technology, the overloaded transport infrastructure development. Thus operators of electrical supply scooters and bikes, anonymised data on all rides and vehicle locations in a database of the city. To help, among other things, in the right Places new bike lanes create. Whether Waymo will provide its data also in the city, is still to be determined.

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