with Numerous Apps for the iPhone and iPad have a built-in Twitter communications that contain serious security vulnerabilities. Security researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for

Secure information technology SIT in Darmstadt, Germany, warned on Tuesday in front of applications that still use the outdated Software module TwitterKit for iOS 3.4.2. The security holes, identity theft, Account abuse, as well as data could result in losses.

Among the most popular 2000 iOS Apps in Germany, 45 applications were affected. What programs are specifically not wanted to tell the research Institute. You wool not be in breach of the principle of “responsible disclosure” (Responsible Disclosure). In this process, the vulnerability, the company concerned will be informed first and get time to fix the Problem – as usual 60 days, so two months. Only then can the error be made public.

The currently discovered bug affects the interface to Twitter, which does not verify the encryption certificate (SSL) from Twitter correctly. Thus, the attacker can hook into the communications and private data, such as protected Tweets and direct messages of the Twitter-view Accounts, or in the name of the user, tweet, Tweets, like and retweet. “In addition, each App can be attacked by the malicious TwitterKit uses a Login via Twitter to offer.”

Twitter is closing the security gap in the Software block, because the technical support for the TwitterKit was run about a year ago. The makers of iOS Apps Alternatives to TwitterKit had been available for some time.

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