Very fast fixed line Internet is more and more house in Germany.

The number of accessible Gigabit-ports would increase from the beginning to the end of this year from 11.1 to an estimated 19 million, according to a study by the consulting firm Dialog Consult for the Association of the providers of telecommunications and value-added services (VATM). The Expansion is mainly to upgraded TV cable, but also to glass fibre cables to the basement or up in the apartment. Thus, almost every second of the approximately 42 million households in Germany is connected to the high-speed network. The drivers of the expansion of the cable networks is Vodafone.

However, only about one in four households uses the fast lines, so to 4.8 million – the Rest of the lines is inactive. At the beginning of the year according to the study, 3.3 million. Gigabit means capable of data transfers at the rate of one Gigabit per second or more are possible.

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