The weapons of the assassin of the hall failed again and again. On his Video he streamed live on the Internet, heard you cursing him out loud. Have not hooked the two self-built machine guns, again and again, would have been lost in the bloody act of a hall with a high probability of a lot more victims.

In his Manifesto, which was uploaded to the offender on the Internet, he described in detail his Arsenal of weapons. Including two machines were guns to the designs of a British weapons activists who wanted to demonstrate for the free possession of firearms.

plans for weapons from a 3D printer on the Internet

While the parts of a gun of the assassin out of the hall completely made of metal stock, had been built in parts of the second machine pistol, also with plastic from the 3D printer. A printer will have the investigators in the living of Stephan B. to be discovered. The offender continued not only to high-tech, but also in a very simple technique: as part of his equipment is a Shotgun, which consists of only two tubes and a simple timer.

fetus-model from the 3D printer So will be able to keep mothers-to-be your Baby even before birth in the hands of

weapons from the 3D printer for many years a theme: in 2013, a Texan noted the plans for a weapon from the 3D printer into the network. The weapons fool and activist has been supported by a gun lobby organization. His-shot plastic gun is Not triggered the world’s great fears: only because with the digital blueprints virtually anyone can procure a gun, but also because the gun is made of plastic by classic metal detectors, locks, security is not recognized.

The 3D printer technology makes it much easier to build the weapons themselves. In comparison to the DIY weapons made of sheet metal and steel weapons from the 3D printer can be built without manual dexterity. The machine “printing” the gun parts in the layer printing process of plastic on the tenth – to-hundredth of a millimeter, so they can operate much more accurate than lay people, who do not have a classic gunsmith training.

so Far, the plastics used could not withstand a rule, the high pressure created when Firing a cartridge. Therefore, the weapons of peasant scene to hybrid weapons, the metal continued to share the parts for the barrel and chamber with plastic material for the magazine or the barrel of the weapon combine. Also in the case of a gun of the hall-be assassin was a Hybrid model made of plastic and metal.

opinion After the attack in the hall We should not talk about killer games, but about something completely different

A 27-year-old man, two people in the hall shoot and reflex will be a video debate. Here, the correlations are already reflected. This does not mean, however, that in the Gaming scene, everything is fine.

By Christoph Fröhlich

however, It is foreseeable that in the future, more complex weapons can be used in the 3D-printer made. The plastics used to withstand higher and higher temperatures and greater pressures than previous generations. Blueprints and 3D print templates for the 3D-printer weapons circulating on the Internet. Interested parties must move to even necessarily have to be in the “Darknet”, but also on the open Web find.

Donald Trump put a ban in force

manufacturer of 3D printers will not accept the misuse of their equipment by the NRA and extremists any longer. The leading French manufacturer Dagoma fights with rigged construction plans against the manufacturing of firearms. “The modified weapons files don’t look exactly like the Original, the finished printed products, however, are useful,” said Dagoma-co-founder Matthieu Régnier. This “wrong” firearms models had already been to 13,000 Times downloaded.

The scene is likely to succeed in future, however, on the net blueprints for weapons from the 3D printer to detect that has not been tampered with – also because it is a radical-liberal American arms fool always manages to be against a Ban to enforce. In June 2018, the US government, under President Donald Trump comparing him that put a ban on the term of US President Barack Obama to be in force. However, several U.S. States are trying to stop the spread of the 3D blueprints.

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