The prospect of further US-additional duties has boosted the notoriously weak PC sales in the last quarter of clearly. With a Plus of 4.7 percent to 70.9 million units, it was the strongest growth for seven years, said the market research company Canalys.

The concern is that PCs in the United States with the new duties in mid-December, more expensive, was a key driver. This effect was only a straw fire, they warned. At the same time, a braking factor, that Intel could only supply a limited number of PC-Chips its latest Generation.

At the same time, the largest PC manufacturer to dominate more and more of the business: The leading three-party controlled almost 80 percent of the market.

Lenovo remained, according to Canalys calculations, the number one with a market share of 24.4 percent, with 17.3 million units sold. HP follows, therefore, on the second place with 23.6 percent market share. Both leaders were able to increase sales significantly: The Chinese market leader, sold 7.2 percent more than a year ago, and HP 8.6 percent more. Dell is number three, with 17 percent market share. Canalys counts Desktop computers, laptops, and business Workstations, which were received in the channels of Trade, even if they have not yet been sold to end-users.

Further back, the wind gave supplies for the Christmas trade, the ongoing shift of business to the newer operating system, Windows 10, as well as purchases as of the beginning of the new education year.

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