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Amazon employees also camera-shots – even from the bedroom


in the Wake of its Echo-voice speakers (the star reported) Amazon has now taken the next Smart-Home-scandal: The economic portal “Bloomberg” according to the values of Amazon employees systematically Videos, which customers with the Cloud Cam to record. This is a Wi-Fi camera, which was developed for the Monitoring of the home. Amazon advertises the camera as a particularly clever, because it works automatically with smart doorbells and with the assistant, Alexa can be coupled.

The camera uploads your recordings to the Cloud, where they are analyzed by an Artificial intelligence. The algorithm is able to distinguish foreign faces of which are of the house residents and to beat so in the case of a break-in Alarm, writes the group on its Homepage. An object identifier is, in turn, reduce the rate of false alarms, such as when the cat scurries quickly through the picture. to train

this Artificial intelligence, analyzed the images manually by employees. The “Bloomberg”according to a report based on statements of multiple employees, do the several dozen employees in India and Romania. Per day the Amazon to see employees up to 150 shots with a length of between 20 and 30 seconds, it continues.

Amazon wants to appease

Amazon has already released a statement. It means that the recordings are only of internal company testers and customers, which had agreed to the Transfer of the respective Videos explicitly. In the General terms and conditions Amazon reserves the right to process images, Audio, and Video that were taken of devices, in order to improve their products and services.

The employees told “Bloomberg”, however, is that you also get to see clips that were probably not shared voluntarily with the Online distribution giants such intimate moments during Sex. Also controversial: The group insures that the Clips, which would not be submitted for Troubleshooting, could only be by the customer viewed. But the former employees to give to the economic sheet that recordings among employees – would also be shared with those from other areas of the company, although appropriate rules should prevent the actually. One of the rules States that Smartphones in the workplace are strictly prohibited.

The Cloud Cam sold on Amazon for 2017 in the United States for home Monitoring. It costs about 90 US dollars. In Germany, the camera is not available yet.

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