what did it look Like at the Berlin wall in the 80s? Visitors to the capital can Charlie in the future at the Checkpoint for 30. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall on a trip.

The TimeRide GmbH offers as of next Saturday a virtual journey through the divided Berlin. Time travel had been, for him, has always been a childhood dream, said founder and managing Director, Jonas Rothe in Berlin. With the help of modern Virtual Reality technology, it’ll be this dream a step closer. The aim is to convey historical Knowledge in an emotional way.

When in Berlin offered a Tour by the visitors to a total of four stations. It will pass with the help of a VR-glasses on a Bus trip across the famous border post in the Friedrich street, including border control, am Gendarmenmarkt, on the Leipzig road with its GDR-magnificent buildings, to the Palace of the Republic. Here, you can choose from three different characters a “witnesses” that accompanies the Tour, and his own story told. At another Station, visitors will receive, directly at Checkpoint Charlie with the help of a wireless VR glasses, a 360-degree view of the place and as he has over the decades changed.

The Berlin branch is the third location of the TimeRide GmbH. In Cologne and Dresden, the company already offers a city tour of Cologne, the Emperor of the time, and a horse-drawn carriage ride through the Baroque Dresden similar to virtual time travel. In Cologne, the company counted since the opening of 2017, a quarter of a million visitors. In September, an offer in Munich to follow.

in addition to TimeRide there are other projects to make the Berlin wall can be experienced: To the official program for the 30. Anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, the Augmented Reality App “MauAR”, with the owner of a smartphone or Tablet computer, the Berlin wall, virtually to its historically correct place to explore heard. A total of approximately 160 kilometers of the wall are shown on the. In the App, two fictional characters appear, a Boy from East Berlin and a girl from the West of the city, the reports on the building of the Berlin wall and its consequences from their perspective.

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