the New top models of the iPhones from Apple to get in the autumn, according to a media report, an additional Ultra-wide-angle lens, as well as the additional name “Pro”.

the hit rate of its iPhone-advance information known to the Bloomberg Reporter, Mark Gurman confirmed rumors over the past few weeks in circulation. The presentation of the new models is the 10. September expected after a note was found in a Pre-Version of new Software.

The improved camera system will also make new features possible, re-wrote Bloomberg. So all three cameras medium focal length, a telephoto lens and Ultra should be triggered-wide-angle – at the same time, to be able to draw better pictures to combine. Also, the quality of low-light photos should be improved – here, Google had put in last autumn, with its Pixel-3 new standards. Meanwhile, Samsung and Huawei followed with their flagship models. Also the quality of the iPhone Videos should continue to be improved and closer to the professional cameras of the back, it said.

The two new “Pro”models would outwardly keep to a large extent the Design of the current iPhones, XS and XS Max, wrote more of the financial service. The Sensor for facial recognition, FaceID should be improved in order to Unlock the devices even from other angles as not to allow now – for example, if the iPhone was on the table. The successor of the cheaper iPhone model XR will now also get a telephoto lens.

in addition, you will be able in future to charge the AirPods earphones in your case wireless on the back of the new iPhones, it said, citing informed persons. Competitor Samsung had introduced this feature for its earphones in the spring with the Galaxy S10, together with an Ultra-wide angle lens.

furthermore, wool buy Apple the cheap Version of its iPad tablet, a larger screen, and the Computer watch Apple Watch to refresh. For the upcoming year, the next Generation of the AirPods, and a cheaper model of the connected speaker HomePod in the work.

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