The hope is flagged for offside. While on the computer games fair Gamescom until the weekend, hundreds of thousands of gamers in the Cologne exhibition halls stream, is a 50 Meter high antenna tower in the vicinity.

the New Behemoth is not effective, a yellowed sign with the name and the “Vodafone D2 GmbH” points back to the long ago merger of the British group with Mannesmann D2. What, however, is mounted on a plane of the mobile tower, it’s brand new – and is likely to be in the world of Gaming is a strong driver of growth: There are 5G antennas – some of the few that are connected in Germany is already live.

The ultra-fast mobile radio standard not only enables the Transmission of significantly larger amounts of data, but also a response time – latency – is close to zero. This means that Gambles on the Smartphone or Tablet as a game with other networked users, it can race in a Quasi-real-time a race or a shootout to give. Delays there are hardly any, so at least it represents the telecommunications industry. It promises good shops, thanks to Gaming, and rubs his hands.

In the Consumer space will get, the demand for 5G mobile and wireless communications an “enormous momentum through Games”, and Vice – versa Games by 5G, says Deutsche Telekom CEO Tim Höttges. This is a “Megatrend” with a rapidly growing Online access to Games. His colleague from Vodafone, Hannes Ametsreiter, it looks similar to this: “The gaming industry is booming – she is in need of high bandwidths and low latencies, so you need 5G.”

Vodafone is cooperating with the Finnish games streaming service Hatch, the 5G-optimized games. The Multiplayer Games, so interaction with other players. “With low latency and high bandwidth of 5G we can stream games as easily as music and movies on any Smartphone,” says Hatch-co-founder, Vesa Jutila. “The game developers offers new opportunities.”

However, even with the Hatch in the small scale to the new Standard of the more than 100 Games on the platform, only about every tenth 5G is-optimized. This means that the games will be graphically illustrated better than in the past. Due to 5G, the game runs without Ruckelei. When you Gamble, you will not be connected to large computers in the United States, but with powerful mini-servers in the vicinity – as a result, the TRANS-Atlantic is omitted tables distance, for a few milliseconds are needed.

5G is mainly used for “Mobile Games” is important, so go around the Smartphone or Tablet. Under certain circumstances, the 5G is but even better for Gaming, finally, latency and data volume in the fixed network depending on the connection, sometimes slower, says Vodafone chief technology officer Gerhard Mack. “In the fixed network, there are on average 30 milliseconds latency in 5G mobile phone network, in contrast, only 12, 13 milliseconds.” Both values are likely to be reduced through technical improvements.

experts values of 5G as a strong driver for the industry. “Mobile Gaming is booming, the area is growing in Germany per year by about a quarter,” says Martin Wrulich by the consulting firm McKinsey. With popular Games such as Pokemon Go direct interaction with other players is not yet possible, thanks to the 5G will change that. The games are technically now so complex that they require high computing performance.

“Well, you have to shift the computational complexity to the Cloud and sends the user a Live image on his smart phone – the best on 5G and not over Wi-Fi, because of the generally higher latencies has.” Unclear find Wrulich currently still in the “Business Case” – in other words, such as telecommunications companies and Gaming providers from making money. The construction and operation of the network are very expensive. Whether these costs are paid indirectly by the gamers, and the bargain is still a profit seizures, is currently still questionable.

the importance of Gaming for the Telecom industry is illustrated by the rising share of Online games on the data volume. 2015 this was the case of Vodafone is still at 5 percent, today it will be 15 percent, says Mack. And in a few years it is likely to be 30 to 35 percent.

Also, the industry Association, the Game has recognized the importance. Players such as developers needed to have connections fast and stable Data, emphasizes the Association of chief Felix Falk. Because players are now more on mobile devices instead of PC or consoles, whether 5G is important. A rapid Expansion would therefore be helpful for the industry, still there is in this country, too many dead spots or slow data connections. Also the E-Sports tournament organizer ESL stresses the importance of the Standards: If the people can play anywhere with a fast connection, zoom in on the target audience, and thus also the E-Sports market, says Kristina Müller, head of Strategic partnerships.

And what the users say – can’t wait to play in the 5G Speed? Patrik Schönfeldt by the Association for the German Video and computer player is cautious. “We are divided: some say, the make mobile Play easier; the other are the traditionalists who want to have a game as physically and not in any Cloud.” When Streaming, the offer will be revised regularly and some deals were cancelled – “well, that you can’t play some of the game after a couple of years”.

in General, a surface of the ceiling mobile important for mobile Gaming. “It is good that the network expansion comes slowly in the corridors.” According to his estimates, Gaming is 5G-but for the most part, still music of the future, finally, there was a need for new 5G-enabled Smartphones. “Until the same arrives in the mass market, are still five to ten years.”

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