at the beginning of the two thousands could not escape the annoying ringtone adverts, like the Crazy Frog and other. But who thought the expensive cell phone subscriptions, would be in the Smartphone age a long time ago a thing of the past, is deceiving himself, warns of “financial test”. With a subscription via the mobile phone invoice will always be ripped off regularly ingenuous customers.

“I haven’t ordered it, and received from Mobilcom-Debitel, however, SMS is a four-digit number that I should confirm an order of an unspecified service,” reported about one Affected. Although he didn’t, to be followed by two “special services third showed up providers” on its account – for each € 4.99.

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He is not alone. Over a thousand complaints from readers, we have received alone since April, writes “financial test” in your current issue. Even with those points, such as “claims for third-party services appeared on the phone bill strange Billing”. In General, the amounts are less than ten euros. It comes in the worst case, to a weekly subscription, but it is quickly becoming more expensive. 125 Euro of damage caused to a reader.

Common to all of the most cases that the persons Concerned have not completed a subscription. An elderly lady discovered that you should have a strip-tease service is subscribed to. She was lucky: After a Mail to the provider you got the money back. Usually, the complaints go into the Void, so “financial test”. Vodafone stressed as in the case of a customer that “Everything would have had his accuracy” – even though the don’t ever want to have something booked.

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Actually, it should not be possible. Under current law must be made available to the customers very clearly, that the buy something. Then a contract is legally binding. Financial test therefore advises you to pay in any case, if such a purchase has not been identified. A click on an advertisement is not sufficient such as a contract.

One Problem is the role of the mobile operator is safe. The collect the money of the subscription traps from not only the customers, but also earn with it. For this, you should take care of is actually also, if there are problems. In practice, they would refer but often only on the third-party, “financial test”.

in fact, it does not seem to be anyway so that the majority of the customers complain in the first place from your Provider – and the hearing of the case, so nothing. The complaints were in the “low five-digit range,” said about Vodafone on request. Also, the Federal government expects a high number of unreported cases, she explained to 2016 to a parliamentary question.

How Concerned should proceed?

you Discovered the unauthorized third-party bookings, you should insert it immediately by e-Mail to the reservation referred to a provider appeal, recommends “financial test”. In addition, it is advisable to Mail to the mobile operator forward.

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within a week of no response, a Demand by registered mail. In addition, it is important to report the case to the Federal network Agency. It is tapped is actually the case in a Cost that is attached to a display because of the fraud.

Also, anyone who is not affected should act. First of all, it is recommended to disable third-party services in the mobile Provider. For instructions, see here. In addition, it is recommended that the mobile phone check the invoice carefully to questionable bookings.

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