American Journalist Evan Osnos has been amazed, when he got his iPad out of his three-year-old son. Actually, the child should only play a bit, but somehow he had managed to lock the device for a very long time.

Osnos said the magnitude of the Evil with a Screenshot of his iPad on Twitter. It should take 25.536.442 minutes, until you can use the device again – the equivalent of more than 48 years. Under the photo of the Journalist of the magazine “New Yorker” from Washington wrote: “Uh, this looks fake, but unfortunately this is our iPad, after the three-year-old has tried several times to unlock it. Ideas?”

Many Twitter users commented on the Tweet in the meantime, the answers were characterized more by Humor than serious advice.

“Start Your three-year re -”

“I would just have to wait”

“Sell it online at eBay: NEW, only once

“Give it to a Museum. In 47 years, it can “unlock” someone and see how data processing looked like in the past.”

How to bypass the lock on the iPads?

However, as it has come at all to the decades-long ban? The security system of Apple locks devices for each incorrectly entered password. The son of Evan Osnos has entered the password, therefore, many times incorrectly. The good news is that The Journalist does not really need 48 years to his Tablet, as you can read on the Support page of Apple. There is exactly explained what to do in such a case. As soon as they connect their Apple device to a Computer and iTunes opens, you can force a restart. In the Pop-up window must be selected the Option to restore and everything is as before. But there is also a bad news: Should be made of the device has no data backup should be all data is gone.

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