If the man is fuelling the global rise in the sea level – coastal regions and island groups threatens the fate, to sink in the sea. Where do you want to save these people?

Previously it was thought always to higher regions, but there are also visions of how the person can the sea as a friend. The United Nations have presented a concept for a floating city with 10,000 inhabitants. This city on the sea to keep natural disasters such as Floods, Tsunamis and hurricanes. The floating city will protect, the UN, the people in front of the sea-level rise. At the same time, you can also resolve the shortage of affordable housing in large cities, in which the area of the city on the water is increased. The design is by the architect Bjarke Ingels and the company Oceanix.

platforms to natural disasters, resist

judging by the scan designs, however, doubt whether these floating platforms can really withstand the force of the sea. You can hardly imagine how to use a path directly on the water only at a mediocre autumn storm. However, the makers are convinced of your project. It should be far more than just a food for thought from the Computer, it is to be realized. “Everyone in our Team wants to build really” said Marc Collins, the CEO of Oceanix. “We don’t theorize.” Oceanix has quite a swimming experience with the construction of the structures.

The whole project is reminiscent of an XXL-Version of the floating villages from the movie “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner. Here, too, the city is not a fixed structure, it consists of six square platforms where about 300 people could live. Oceanix want to apply a special Trick: The sea itself will build the platforms. The underwater surfaces should be by Biorock reinforced. By the application of an electric current, minerals form an extremely hard limestone layer, you will reinforce the metal wall of the platform. Thus, the resistance of the floating hexagons increases. Also “repaired” Biorock age-related wear and tear.

“Waterworld” in greater since ancient times, as the basis for a functional city. Of course, there are in the floating city, no cars, only boats. The waste is sent through pneumatic tubes to a recycling plant. Also, the city should be able to supply themselves with food. Under the surface of the water is operated in the style of “Ocean Farming”. The villages can anchor a mile away from big cities.

E39, Norway Floating bridges and tubes in the free sea – the most expensive motorway in the world

Oslo is planning a gigantic highway on the West coast. Never-before-seen, Tunnel and bridge constructions to overcome the fjords. The construction has already begun.

Gernot Kramper Kra