the head of The government could secure a fifth term, even if his party is only narrowly ahead of his opponent.

The list of Blue-and-White of his Challenger Benny Gantz comes, therefore, in a similar number of seats as the Likud party, but has fewer coalition options. Two television channels estimated the number of seats for the centre-left camp with Gantz’ Alliance of Blue-and-White, the labour party, the left of the Merez party and the Arab parties to 54 to 56.

On the eve of had declared both Netanyahu as well as Gantz to the election winner. According to Israeli media, both parties had received 35 mandates. The official election result is expected in the course of Wednesday.

Netanyahu: “This is the night of a great victory”

“The right-hand Block under the leadership of the Likud has clearly won,” said Netanyahu (69) on Tuesday evening. “I thank the Israeli citizens for your trust. I will start today night so that, together with my natural partners, a right-wing government.” Later, he added, after a transmitter had previously seen the competitors in Front, and now the Likud, with a seat in the front saw: “This is the night of a great victory.” He thanked his supporters for an “unimaginable success”.

Gantz: “We are the winners”

The members of the opposition Ex-military chief Gantz (59) of “a historic day for Israel”. The largest party should get the mandate to form a government, he said in the direction of incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu of the conservative Likud party. “We would like to thank Netanyahu for his services,” he said, as if the election was already decided.

In the case of elections, there are winners and losers. “We are the winners,” said Gantz in front of the jubilant supporters. He wanted to form a broad coalition. Gantz called on the population to unity.

This is a calculator in there

is White possible according to the forecasts, a large coalition of Likud and Blue. However, both Netanyahu as well as Gantz in the election campaign, had said they would not sit with each other in a government.

a Possible coalition partner for the Likud, and Blue-and-White mandates in the mid-single-digit area received according to the forecasts only: The working party received only six to eight seats. The party, the New rights to education Minister Naftali Bennett and justice Minister Ajelet Schaked missed probably enter the Parliament. The left Merez party is coming according to forecasts, four to five seats. Who is the third strongest power, was initially unclear.

bribery and fraud

Netanyahu led the last coalition government with the right and strictly religious parties. The elections had been brought forward because of a government crisis. Originally they were only scheduled for November.

Netanyahu since 2009, consistently in the office and was also, from 1996 to 1999 Prime Minister. He is currently because of corruption allegations under massive pressure. Israel’s attorney General wants to raise in three cases, due to corruption charges against Netanyahu. It’s bribery, embezzlement and fraud. Before making a final decision on whether the government needs to head to court, but a hearing. Netanyahu rejects all allegations.

So it goes

President Reuven Rivlin will instruct after the election, the candidate with the greatest chances with the formation of a coalition government. The new Parliament, on 23. April will be sworn in. With a new government is expected until the beginning of June.

U.S. President Donald Trump wants to present after the election, his long-awaited peace plan to resolve the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The Secretary-General of the Palestinian liberation organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, criticized the outcome of the election. “The Israelis have voted to maintain the Status Quo with regard to the occupation of Palestine,” wrote Erekat on Twitter. “Forecasts show that only 18 members of Parliament to Sit 120 two States in the 1967 borders.”

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