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Bitkom warns of national go-it-alone for 5G-security


In the debate on the security requirements of 5G network equipment supplier to the IT industry Association Bitkom is calling for a European solution.

“A regulatory patchwork that would cause a delay in the 5G-building and a national go it alone would throw Germany,” said Bitkom President Achim Berg.

This mountain was referring to plans by the Federal network Agency for more stringent requirements for security of telecommunications networks.

“We welcome the fact that the critical core components may only be used if they have been tested by a recognized testing laboratory and by the German Federal office for security in the IT certified,” said hill.

the works in the practice but also, would have to be clarified, the previously formulated key points of the Federal network Agency immediately. Yet this is not clearly defined genig.

The bit in also called for a Europe-wide level playing field for all network equipment. “Germany’s networks to be as safe as possible.

If we want to have a secure, powerful and affordable 5G network, is a fair competition is absolutely necessary.” Therefore, for all manufacturers the same test criteria, rules and procedures would apply.

The planned requirements of the Federal network Agency could make it difficult, among other things, the controversial Chinese equipment supplier Huawei for the way in German mobile networks. In particular, the United States is pushing its allies to refrain from a supplier from China and safety concerns.