Every few years were a Gamer the same question: Xbox or Playstation? The purchase of a several Hundred euros expensive console wanted to be well thought of, finally, one specifies the Box for years on a platform. With each new Generation of consoles, the cards have been shuffled, the last time Sony had with the Playstation 4 ahead by a nose. But what Microsoft presented on E3 in Los Angeles – the largest video game trade fair in the world, it could change the Gaming industry as we know it, fundamentally.

The group presented the Project Scarlett is a powerful console that is supposed to come to the Christmas business 2020 on the market and Sony’s Playstation 5 competition. It is technically impressive, without question. The real Revolution, however, is another: As in the case of music and TV shows are now also covers video games by the Streaming technology.

disappeared as the DVD-Player and Hi-Fi equipment from the living rooms, could remain in the future also the shelf under the TV empty. Thus, Gaming industry is facing its perhaps greatest upheaval.

Xbox One from the Cloud

Microsoft’s Streaming technology is based on two pillars. From October Xbox one owners to use their console as a sort of private Server and Xbox can transfer games on Smartphones and Tablets. A step further is the so-called Xcloud is. With this it is possible to play Xbox games even without a console. To accomplish this, Microsoft Xbox boards in its Azure data centers (including Microsoft’s other Cloud services), which you can access on the Bus sitting directly on a functioning Xbox a run. All you need to do is have a Paid subscription and a fast Internet connection.

the Latter could be in the technology to the sticking point. An Internet speed of 10 Mbit/s will be at least required, recommended tape should be wide from 35 Mbit/s. For comparison: For the highest level of quality Netflix requires 25 Mbit/s. Look in the budget series, and the child plays in his room on the Cloud, it could be tight in the pipe.

death lurks in the radio hole

especially mobile bandwidth is likely to be a Problem. You are sitting in a train between Hamburg and Berlin, by driving the almost two hours of travel time, several areas with Edge-supply, so you can reach in General, not even 1 Mbit/s When Streaming music, you can cope with a short lag, when Playing games, you make the difference between life and virtual death.

With the next mobile communications standard, 5G could be solved this Problem. However, this is likely to take: Currently, the 5G frequency auction has not even ended.

Redmond dashes forward

Nevertheless, in the future, the Streaming technology will revolutionize the Gaming industry, as well as before the business with movies, music and TV shows. An analysis of the market research firm DeLoitte shows that 53 percent of Under-35-Year-old a paid Gaming subscription. In the past year, the proportion was still 44 percent. For comparison: The share of traditional TV subscriptions is 51 percent. Games are clearly on the Fast track. Worldwide there are two billion gamers, and sales with video games is a year at 140 billion dollars.

it is Logical that every manufacturer now wants a piece of the pie: Microsoft showed the Xcloud, the main competitor, the Sony offers with PS Now a streaming service with 600 Games available – you will need but still own a Playstation. Quite as disruptive as in Redmond, the Playstation is still the case. Nintendo holds back in terms of Cloud services also has the Switch but a portable console in the offer, which is optimized for mobile use.

Google and Apple will also increase a

game video manufacturers also have recognized that fewer and fewer people go into the trade and with welded-in game cartridges leave the Shop. Electronic Arts (“Fifa 19”, “Battlefield”series) showed in the last year to its flat-rate service-Origin Access Prime. Now, Ubisoft (“Assassin’s Creed”, “The Division moved to”) with Uplay+. The French developer will offer its Service from 3 September of this year for $ 14.99 per month offer and according to its own statements, more than 100 games for the Download.

And also new brands are part of the mix in the future. Apple wants to get in this year with “Arcade” is also in business with the games subscriptions. Google also has ambitions: The Cloud console Stadia to bring games in console-quality on every screen, whether Smartphone or television. You need only one Controller, the technology sits in the Cloud. To display a Chrome Browser enough. Sounds promising, but how well the technology works in the end, it will show.

Stadia A full-fledged game console for 129 euros: So Google Playstation and Xbox wants to make superfluous

With the Cloud console, Stadia brings Google Sony and Microsoft in a tight spot. Stadia brings games in console-quality on every screen, from Smartphone to television. For that you have to spend, as a customer, to a maximum of 129 euros and can even get started for free.

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